Write for Green Blizzard

Hippy Girl with SunglassesGreen Blizzard seeks content from a variety of writers and perspectives on a variety of green topics, but specifically focused on reducing one’s carbon footprint. We avoid pap, watered down, feel good, green-my-world articles. Instead we want insightful, candid, what’s it really mean type of articles.

We leave all the breaking scientific and political news to the other larger environmental and sustainability websites and try to keep it simple and informative with meaningful ideas on making our lives more sustainable – articles that the everyday person can integrate into their lifestyle.

Many of our most popular articles have come from individuals who like you who share their knowledge and expertise with other. We welcome the opportunity to have you contribute original material or reprints/reposts in the form of articles, book reviews, infographics, videos, etc.

We have two types of relationships across our writing team:

Guest Contributor is an individual that is interested is submitting just one or two guest posts. We welcome these articles and encourage you to make an inquiry after reviewing our website to see the types of articles we feature.

Columnist is a committed and regularly (at least twice a month) featured contributor with an established a more formal arrangement. Posting your content on GreenBlizzard.com and other websites, broadens your following – we’re good with that. We’re all working toward the same goal, just in different ways and through different lens. You can submit original articles or repost your blogs, with links back to your site to drive traffic to you.

Online Economics prohibit us from paying for content, which unfortunately is also the policy of many leading websites. We do provide full attribution to all contributors, including their bios and links to their sites. Our authors and bloggers gain with increased exposure, and we work to have articles reposted on our cross-post sites. We encourage contributors to “promote their talents” by posting links to the articles through social media.

Cross-Posts We work with several websites to share and cross-post between our sites. Your article may get picked up for these cross points and in all cases will uniformily link back to the initial article.

Sponsored Content & Advertorials We see many press releases each day from businesses offering green products and services—and wanting to share their success stories with potential customers. From time to time we consider sponsored content service. If you represent a company that wants to promote itself drop us a note.
Send content and queries to Keith Blizzard, Managing Editor, keith@greeenblizzard.com.

Guest Contributors
Green Blizzard helps readers live more and more sustainably and in doing so reduce their personal carbon footprints. Our articles cover a variety of green topics and approaches to solving sustainability problems—across our daily lives. We do not focus on politics, nor science, but we do have seasonal themes. We’re especially interested in stories about eco-heroes, how to reduce your carbon footprint either around the house or the workplace – all environmental/sustainability opportunities will be considered.

Topics Of Interest From Our Perspective We’re always looking for new ideas, approaches, techniques, or news about ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint through: consumables, fuel efficient cars, energy efficient transportation options, carbon-light diets, carbon-light activities and special eventsdiet, transportation, household appliances and modern conveniences, purchase decisions, entertainment, events, everyday green tips, low carbon recipes, recycling, simple living tips, human interest stories about eco-heroes,… etc. You get the picture.

Articles should be focused and well written, and in the range of 350 to 800 words and without exception a perspective on the potential impact of this change to one’s carbon footprint. The carbon footprint assessment doesn’t have to be overly scientific, if we can we’ll drop in a layman’s analysis, but we want the message to go beyond a feel good, watered down green articles. Articles should be relevant to our global audience.

Before submitting an article:
• Study our website, and while your at it spread the word across like minded prospective readers.
• Drop us a short email with what your thinking about writing, a synopsis of the article you want to submit, and explain why you think it would be appropriate for our readers. Please put the words “Interested in Writing For Green Blizzard” in the subject line to ensure it gets our attention. Oh, it will.

OK, and now the fine print.
• All content should be submitted by the original author or their representative.
• Original content is preferred, but reposts are acceptable if the author retains the copyright, or has received written permission from the publisher to repost the article.
• We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any article; that is the author’s responsibility.
• Send your article by email as an attached Word document. Only bold the title and any subheadings within the article.
• If you have links, include the URL in brackets.
• We will provide the featured image for the article. If you have images to include within the article, attach them as jpeg files to your email.
• Provide a catchy title, and a 1-2 sentence synopsis of your article right after the title.
• Include a short bio with contact information (if desired) and links to your site (if applicable). Headshot too.
• You are responsible for ensuring that the submission does not violate any legal rights of other, such as copyrights or other proprietary rights of another person or entity.
• You retain the right to resubmit your content to other sites.
• We reserve the right to reject an article for any reason and to edit your article, although we will probably reject an article that requires extensive editing.e.
• We reserve the right to make changes to the website content at any time without notice, including edits and the removal of content.