Writing Staff

Keith Blizzard ThumbnailKeith Blizzard – Editor

Late last century, Keith decided to start to adjusting to a more sustainable lifestyle, with a goal of a measurable year-over-year shrinking of his carbon footprint. But, when he started looking around for a comprehensive and balanced source of practical green living tips, nothing was really on target. The other green websites were all over the board, covering everything from “free” products, to organic turnips, to some distant government’s solar panel initiative. So, he came up with the idea of Green Blizzard – an everyday person’s practical, bottomline oriented guide to lowering one’s personal carbon footprint.  With the help of a talented team of writers, its been well received and rewarding. Spread the word.

Samantha Frapart Sustainable Living WriterSamantha Frapart – Living Sustainably In An Urban Area

Samantha brings a fresh and spirited perspective to the everyday green issue.  She covers topics resonate well with our readers who are just starting out on their careers.   Samantha has a portfolio of work with green living tips ranging from green apartment living, urban transportation options, green underwear choices, re-usable coffee cups and even…. drinking straws.

Kenny Frankel - Sustainable Living

Kenny Frankel – Sustainable Policy, Recycling, and Everyday Consumables  

Kenny has a degree in Environmental Politics and Policy, so he’s undoubtedly a guy well versed in environmental issues. Now, post college he is a practitioner of sustainable living and employed by residential solar installation company. We all will have a deeper green perspective after reading his articles because he brings a big picture insight to our everyday purchase decisions and even recycling.  As an early staff writer for Green Blizzard, Kenny covers environmental policy, big-agricultures impact on the environment, solar energy, recycling, and products made from recycled materials.

Kristy GB pictureKristy McDaniel – Green Living Events

A recent Masters of Management Science graduate at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, Kristy writes about how to be green while enjoying your life’s milestones – weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Any of these events can expand your carbon footprint so much that it can takes months for your newly expanded carbon footprint to recover. With Kristy’s practical, real-life, green living suggestions, you can have a blast and still be green.

Sustainable Living writer John Garnett

John Garnett – Cooking, Gardening, and Travel

John’s work in the energy market fostered his interest in the environment. Having recently completed his graduate work at George Mason University, John has a passion for food and cooking and to provides some light-hearted tips to make people’s lives greener while enjoy the good life with everyday practical tips from brewing tea, growing basil, or drinking raw milk.

Danielle Jappah Sustainable Writer

Danielle Jappah  –  Lifestyle and Building Design
Northern-born and Southern-raised Danielle is a passionate writer, designer, and learning enthusiast. In 2007, her desire to help the environment became a hobby of writing about green topics. Danielle digs deep to find interesting and useful information about household and transportation environmental issues – things you never knew.

sustainable living writer hannah baggyHannah Bagby – Green Households

Just about to complete the MMS (Masters of Management Science) at the Fuqua School of Business – Duke University this spring, Hannah works with Green Blizzard between the hectic schedule of graduate school.  She writes about how to be green in your everyday household consumable choices and your living environment.