Top 5 Christmas Green Decorations

Can’t believe we already reached that time of the year we’ve been waiting for 12 months straight. Christmas has sneaked upon on us, and suddenly we are occupied by the buzz of searching, buying and giving presents. Well, here are our top 5 Christmas green decorations this holiday season.

Being one of the most magical and wonderful time of the year, Christmas also tends to be the most wasteful one. People buy lots of festive attributes, like sweets, cards, and, of course, presents decorating them with the meters of gift wrapping paper and ribbons.

Don’t even get us started on all the food we prepare, but never finish a single dish, which also goes to trash when the party is over. Celebrating is great, but making your celebration eco-friendly and green is even better. After all, planet Earth is our home, and we have to express our respect to it even when holidays are here. Let’s take a look at five Christmas decorations ideas that will not pollute our environment.

Top 5 Christmas Green Decorations

1. Recyclable wrapping paper It’s great to receive a gift decorated with a bright or even printed paper and colorful ribbons on it. Vice versa, it is way more pleasant to hand in an item when it looks presentable and festive. Nowadays, wrappings became an obligatory add-on to an actual present. This tendency is fun as long as you do not think about where all the ripped off paper goes. It goes to waste deposit, where it stays for years with no changes or even becoming toxic. Nevertheless, you can be wise and opt for recyclable wrapping! It looks stylish, gives your presents a hand-made vibe, and proves that you’ve crafted the package yourself.

2. Smart Christmas Tree Choice
Can anyone depict Xmas without a traditional pine tree standing in a living room with sparkly ribbons and glamorous balls on it? We do not think so. Buying a tree is great for eco-friendly Christmas. But be attentive: here we are talking about the actual tree – a plant that was grown by nature in a forest specifically to be sold then. There are still tons of arguments about what is more appropriate for green Christmas decorations, a fake (plastic) or a natural pine. Our answer is – go for a natural one! Plastic needs decades (if not a hundred) of years to be recycled, while forest tree can be rot through and used as firewood or even wood for furniture. We have learned this from a Greenpeace campaigner named Paul Brown; you can read more about his ideas on how to become green here.

3. Handmade ornaments If we have already discussed a Christmas tree option, let’s also talk about the tree decorating process. Here, we have two green Christmas decorations ideas for you. First of all, think of the stuff you already have at home, which can look good on the Xmas pine. Examples include candies, cookies, apples, and even popcorn! You will receive the number of sweets you would not be able to consume anyway. Why not add a ribbon to some candies and put them on the tree? Or create a Christmas garland of popcorn. All you’ll need are thick string or thread, needle, and, of course, popcorn. This will give your living room exceptional coziness and warmness. Another one from numerous sustainable Christmas ideas is opting for balls made of glass instead of plastic ones.

4. Renew instead of throwing away
Be honest with yourself and face it: you might have way more stuff (decorations included) than you need. We all enjoy the process of shopping, searching for new trendy ornaments, picking up the theme of this year Christmas party, giving our houses brand new look, both inside and outside, because it’s holidays. That is why Christmas turns out to be an extremely wasteful holiday – people want to get everything new and discard the old goods. Recycle Christmas decorations and gifts. Act smarter and check what you can re-purpose resources you already own. There are plenty of makeover instructions for your old-school Christmas ornaments. Try them now and save some cash, as well as our environment!

5. Green Light Well, not literally “green”, you can get whatever colors you want. However, when picking Christmas lights, go for LED devices. LED stands for light-emitting diode, and this kind of electrical devices are more energy saving and 90% more efficient. Meaning, they do less harm by saving valuable kilowatts of electricity.

Guest Post by Michael Stoddard (move info to come…)


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