A Smart Home Will Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

Ready Your Home For Sale or Just A Smaller FootprintProgrammable home energy management systems – smart home devices – have been quietly and steadily growing in the consumer electronics market. Walk into any big box electronics retailer and the displays of all the options are front and center.
Smart homes may not be a particularly engrossing coffee room or dinner party conversion topic, but its a quiet killer to anyone’s over-sized carbon footprint.

Recognized as a smart, long-term decision to shrink your carbon footprint, it is also an investment in your future energy consumption, a mindless way to save on utility costs and CO2 emissions spewed into the atmosphere on your behalf. Waiting any longer just means more unnecessary money spent on home energy and more CO2 lingering for decades in the atmosphere because of your procrastination.

Why Make The Change?
There is no such thing a clean energy – especially not clean coal. Of the four leading home heating energy sources, natural gas is the cleanest at about 40% cleaner than coal. If you are heating your apartment, house, or office with the two most CO2 ladened fuels – coal and home heating oil, then anything you can do to reduce consumption has big-time environmental benefits. Even reducing the use of natural gas and propane consumption will reduce your carbon footprint going forward.

Home Heating Fuel Type
Pounds CO2 Per Million BTU
Home Heating Oil
Natural Gas

When To Make The Change?
Immediately, if not sooner! Anytime actually. But for the least possible disruption to you and your roommates, we find its best to make the switch in between high energy consumption seasons. Most of these smart home devices are easy to install with simple instructions – enabling the average home or condo owner – even the apartment dweller to install it in a few minutes. And even if you do run into difficulties during installation, most of these manufacturers provide free customer service phone support with well trained, courteous technicians to walk you through the process and get you over the speedbump.

Where To Start?

Start with better managing your heat – depending on your lifestyle it is probably the largest portion of your carbon footprint and can be centrally changed with one smart home device. There are all sorts of shapes, sizes, functionality, and price points. Its best to get one that is simple to program and second to that, one that interfaces with your wifi for remote management.

After that, consider the main electrical switches around your living space to turn off (and dial back your CO2 emissions when you forget to turn off the lights. Check out these insights: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Smart Switches


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