Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Gardener

Work Gloves – Gloves are critical to any after-the-job recovery.   Its amazing have amateur hands get banged-up and look gift ideas for a green handymanlike they were dragged through a briar-patch.  Gloves with flexibility and grip are best.  Consider either these Custom Leathercraft or CAT products.   Or every hardware stores has a great selection.

Wheel-barrows – Being handy is a physical activity – lots of lifting and elbow grease. A versatile and durable wheel barrel gift ideas for a green handymanis the cornerstone to any garden shed.  Probably the most important tool in the tool shed.  In this case, for any committed gardener it is advantageous to over-buy and select the more heavy-duty, better built model.

Or the very popular heavy duty four wheel version, 

Compost Bins – Gardeners are always pruning.  If you are an urban dweller, composting is best divided into parts.  gift ideas for a green handymanUse an open bin composting for plant cutting and an enclosed composting tumbler for kitchen waste.  We experimented with combining the kitchen waste with the lawn cuttings it was a mistake – it simply provide a smorgasbord for the local rodents.  Bulk cuttings can be composted in a simple round bin and turned with a garden fork every few months.  It does not need to be fancy, simply durable with air holes.  Here’s a simple wire frame version of a compost bin

Aerator – If you have any lawn around your gardens, a foot aerator is critical because all the foot traffic will compress the soil in which the grass is trying to flourish.   We’ve been using a two prong aerator now  for several years at the

gift ideas for a green handymanGreen Blizzard tried this aerator in front of its office and was amazed at how healthy the grass looked after a few seasons without any fertilizer and or watering.   The other nearby patches of grass were parched and brown in the warmer months, whereas our’s is green and vibrant looking. These foot aerators keep the soil loose, so the root system can grow to a healthy depth and better weather harsh conditions.  It’s an investment that will quickly pay for itself. There’s a four prong aerator version and a roller version for larger lawns.


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