New York City’s CO2 Emissions

The city of New York is home to 8.5 million people and is the 28th largest city in the world. However, when you include the surrounding metropolitan area, it’s population count swells to 29 million CO2 generating residents and it climbs higher on the chart.

We all produce tons of CO2 every year. Some more than others, depending on our lifestyle. A recent MIT study calculated that the average U.S resident generates 20 of these one-ton CO2 balloons every year whereas the average non-U.S. citizen generates about four of these ton balloons of CO2. Americans have a detrimental propensity for emitting CO2.

Green Blizzard wanted to share this impactful video which visualizes just what all those New Yorkers are launching into the atmosphere every day. Its sure to remain in your consumer consciousness for a long time going forward. New Yorkers in comparison to many of us (particularly suburban dwellers) are relative “light” CO2 individual contributors by living in smaller apartments, not owning cars, using public transit, and being relatively frugal in the consumption of CO2-intensive consumer goods. And New York is neither alone nor a standout. The list of densely populated cities with with several million residents is staggering. This same New York City graphic could be fairly accurately applied to hundreds of other cities around the globe. Each bubble in the visual represents a ton of CO2, about what an average American generates every 18 days.

According to Real World Visuals, experts at visualizing CO2 “..the film does not mention climate change. It is simple and non-judgmental. It just says: this is what 54 million tons of carbon dioxide would look like if it wasn’t invisible. There’s no proselytizing – just data-visualization using an iconic approach to demonstrate scale – a movie-style intro to the streets of New York City, which pretty well everyone can relate”


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