10 DIY Eco-Friendly Household Products

10 DIY Eco-Friendly Household Products

DIY CleanersMaking your own products for around the house is easier than you might think. Most of these items have under five ingredients, and you probably have most them on hand. It’s great to know these recipes in case you run out of the traditional store-bought kind, but it’s also great for reducing your carbon footprint.

Many household products have ingredients that are sourced from around the world and then have to packaged and shipped to you. Using homemade products cuts all those miles out and makes your choices both eco-friendly with fewer hazardous chemicals. Check out these ideas for some simple starters:

All Purpose Cleaner  Counters, floors, sinks, ovens and pretty much anything else can be cleaned with this solution. All you need is one part white vinegar and one part water. It’s incredibly simple, and it works on almost everything. To make it a disinfectant, add rubbing alcohol, and, if you don’t care for the smell, add a few drops of essential oil.

Shaving Cream You can use a wide variety of products for shaving cream. Baby oil or hair conditioner are great, but this recipe is designed specifically for shaving. It also smells amazing. Shea butter and coconut oil make up the base, while almond oil and your choice mix of essential oils completes the formula.

Makeup Remover  It’s actually very simple to remove makeup with a bit of oil. Even just plain olive oil from your kitchen takes it off. But, for an easier-to-remove option, try this one. All you need is baby shampoo, coconut oil and water. Just be careful — coconut oil can occasionally be comedogenic.

Wrinkle Remover  There are actually two options for a wrinkle remover, and the best part is that you won’t have to iron your clothes as much. Choose between diluted fabric softener or diluted vinegar with essential oil. They both work, but you might prefer one over the other based on what you have on hand.

Bug Spray Bugs hate certain smells. When you go hiking in some protected areas, you aren’t always allowed to use bug spray. If you want to go hardcore, you can eat a clove of uncooked garlic, but that’s pretty intense. Instead, this all natural version should keep the bugs off while not setting your mouth on fire.  The spray is just two ingredients, witch hazel and citronella essential oil. The combination of the two is wonderful at keeping bugs at bay, but be careful around your eyes.

Window Cleaner  The very unusual Alvin Corn Glass Cleaner is apparently the be-all-end-all of DIY glass cleaners. It’s a combination of rubbing alcohol, vinegar, water and cornstarch. The cornstarch sounds weird, right? But that’s actually the important one. It gives you a streak-less, shiny finish that might beat out some store-bought cleaners.

Tub Scrub  Scrubbing out the bathtub isn’t the highlight of most people’s day. But, with this recipe, it’s easy and smells amazing. All you need is a grapefruit and coarse sea salt. Then, just scrub out the tub. Seriously, that’s it!

Stain Remover Everyone needs a good stain remover, especially if you’re one of those people who can’t wear white. With this on hand though, you don’t have to toss your white tees. It’s a whopping three ingredients, with hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice and lavender essential oil doing all the work. As with any other spot treatment, make sure to test it on an inconspicuous spot before you use it more obviously.

Makeup Brush Cleaner  Dirty makeup brushes can lead to breakouts, which is the last thing anyone wants. To keep them clean and makeup free, wash them regularly. A simple mix of baby soap, witch hazel and grapeseed oil will remove all the makeup and condition the bristles of your brushes. To disinfect the brushes as well, choose a witch hazel that includes alcohol.

Wood Polish  Beeswax and olive oil. That’s it. Melt some beeswax, mix in the olive oil and rub it on your wood furniture. It’ll shine and be protected, plus the beeswax nourishes the wood and helps protect it longer than a simple spray on polish will.

PLUS… Green Tips On How To Clean Your Car Windows  Cleaning your car and your car windows, if not done smartly, can waste gallons of water and use harsh chemicals. Your car can sparkle and look spiffy with a few simple, inexpensive, and best of all organic cleaning materials.

Making DIY items for use around the house isn’t just a fun crafty project. It’ll also save you money and reduce your carbon footprint, especially if you use things you already have on hand. You’ll be impressed with how good many of these recipes are, so give them a try!

Guest Post from Kate Harveston a political journalist and blogger at Only Slightly Biased


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