Fathers Day – Avoid Inflating His Carbon Footprint

Father and Daughter CampingFather’s Day, a special day for a very special someone. That person who bumbled around trying to find his maternal instinct. But that lovable playmate who was the best at playing with you on the floor when you were young and thriving in an atmosphere with considerably less CO2 floating around it than compared to today.

SenKingClimateCard2Your Dad, that special someone who probably agrees with you that we should avoid needlessly emitting CO2 for an annual day of appreciation. A simple, CO2-free heartfelt thanks will do the job in most cases. Dad’s are simple creatures afterall.

The world has quicken a pure concept such as setting aside a day to celebrate our fathers and finding ways to commercialize it into a fossil fuel consumption bonanza.


Call your Dad early in the day – so that it is not perceived as an afterthought – and express a few heartfelt thoughts of appreciation for all that he has done for you and you’re golden.

Gift Ideas For A Green Handyman

Dads just want a few short, jumbled sentences of genuine appreciation. Preferably not in a CO2 intensive commercial, store-bought form.

Whereas Mother’s Day has been commercialized into a day of delivering flowers, cards, candies, jewelry and other fine CO2 laden materials, Dad’s are more environmentally friendly on this particular day of recognition. A CO2-free hug is perfect.

If you think that a heartfelt thanks and hug will not carry the day for everyone involved – put your foot done and use this year as a first step for scaling it back over the next few years. If a material gift is critical, here’s a list of relatively CO2 free tokens of appreciation. Frankly, it’s easier to find ways to celebrate a Carbon Free Father’s Day then it is to do the same for Mother’s Days. (See – Avoid Inflating Your Mother’s Carbon Footprint)

A CO2 Light Perspective On Each Of These Gift Options

  • Tools – Terrific, DYI is always less CO2 intensive then hiring a contractor who has to drive a truck considerable distances to provide the service.See our popular list of Gift Ideas For A Handyman.
  • Gift Card/Certificate – Favor paper certificates over plastics, given that the plastic is fossil fuel based,
  • Greeting Card – Oh come on, really! Rather than rely on someone else’s creativity to express your heartfelt thoughts, DIY. Write your own note or simple verbalize it followed by a long hug. Hugs are CO2-Free
  • Event Tickets – Terrific, as long as you minimize the amount of fuel consumed getting everyone there.
  • Consumer Electronics – Think through the probability of long-term use – will be it collecting dust bunnies anytime soon?. A Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness will get him walking, a practically CO2 free activity.
  • Books and CDs – Only if it is a download. The difference between the embodied energy of paper vs. electronic is dramatic.

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