Scientists Skeptical of Climate Change

Ever wonder who are the scientists skeptical of climate change?

Most of the regular readers of Green Blizzard come for insights and suggestions on how to make meaningful reductions to their carbon footprint. And most have typically already accepted the data and conclusions of climate change and are in full agreement with the scientific community consensus that man injected CO2 in the atmosphere is causing these changes.

Climate deniers, when expressing their rational for disbelieve, typically first point out that there are a 1-3% of the world’s climate scientists who do not support the concensus that the climate is changing and mankind is the catalyst.

Ever wonder who are these denier scientists? What’s their angle?

This infograph highlights the leaders of the resistance and the organizations supporting them. It’s really amazing that with such a small number of skeptical scientists can have any influence on progress.

Scientists Sceptical of Climate Change


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