Energy Deregulation And A Smaller Carbon Footprint

Many of us live in places that have progressively deregulated the local gas and electric energy suppliers and now offer consumers with a choice of providers. More than often, it is an unnecessarily confusing proposition.

If you happen to live in one the currently deregulated energy states (map below) you’ve undoubtedly received mailers highlighting the virtues of switching and entering a long term contract with another provider. Typically these eager providers either offer some sort of discounts or a feel-good green factor brand.

Everyone should reduce their carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption with never ending personal conservation efforts and… more importantly staying informed by reading the rich array of Green Blizzard carbon footprint reducing articles. Or, by smartly replacing major energy consuming appliances with smarter, energy-sipping models.

But another often overlooked option is to buy your energy from an energy supplier that is making real headway into reducing the carbon footprint of the energy being produced and sold to you. Many providers are investing in large scale sustainable energy sources and committing major resources to building renewable energy generation sources (wind and solar farms) for the future. Favor those providers to further reduce your carbon footprint.

As you continue shrink your carbon footprint and proudly emit less CO2 in your everyday life, also be sure to do some online research and consider your energy purchase options – in many states they continue to evolve and become greener choices – so its not a “one and done” matter.

One online source that we here at Green Blizzard use is Save On Energy. Check it out.



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