Graphic Depiction of New York City’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Here’s a conceptual, graphic video that will change your perspective on CO2 emissions. One of the best we’ve reviewed lately.

In terms of a green lifestyle, the challenge is that as consumers, we do not conceptually appreciate what we are emitting into the atmosphere through our daily life decisions. Ironically, the biggest flaw of CO2 emissions is that it is invisible and tasteless to us, but as science is measuring, it is not invisible to Mother Nature.

Every day, every minute, in fact, we unknowingly emit CO2 in varying degrees every second of our waking day. With every lifestyle and consumption decision, we are emitting CO2. Whether it’s what we’re putting in our mouth or on our bodies, the lights illuminating our workstations, and both the cooling and heating temperatures of our homes and cars, and on and on – CO2 emissions is always a by-product.

This depiction of CO2 emitted by New York City hopefully will stick with you as you go about your everyday life and will give you more incentive to curb your CO2 output throughout the rest of your life.


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