How large of a pile of CO2 is a 30% reduction per household?

If the EPA’s CO2 goals are reversed by the Trump administration, that’s a tall pile of carbon dioxide.

14381376445_32eb724d00_z Under President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was targeting a 30% reduction in carbon pollution from power plants by 2030. By any account, this is a significant announcement and target. The numbers are big. According to Pro Carbon Visuals here is a graphic representation to the right.

A 30 percent reduction by 2030 amounts to about 730 million LESS metric tons of CO2 per year – still rather abstract to visualize. If you divide 730 million tons by the number of US households (132 million) you get almost 14,000 lbs/household. Depicted as 1 pound bubbles of pure CO2, this would be a pile about 53 feet high and pretty wide at the base. And what better place to illustrate this unwanted pile of CO2 than juxtaposed at the White House.

EPA Fact Sheet and the Full EPA Proposal


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