Years of Living Dangerously – True Colors

Episode 5 – Years of Living Dangerously, Season 1 Episode 5: True Colors

The Scoop On This Episode While other episodes of the series “Years of Living Dangerously” sends a visual jolt to the viewer – this episode it is a study in contrasts – contrasts on the issue of climate change.

In this episode, it’s the battle of two prominent state governors.

In the climate denier corner, there is Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, a climate avoider, or in other words a denier. The governor who’s public image was molded in the wake of Hurricane Sandy which devastated the New Jersey shore and yet he advocated simply re-building in place and not address the cause behind the issue – purely superficial!.

In the green corner, is Governor Jay Inslee of Washington, the only governor to date elected on the issue of climate change. An impressive, believable, earnest, straight-talking politician.

It is a stark contrast to their rhetoric on climate change and CO2. Obviously, Green Blizzard sees Governor Inslee’s point of view full of common sense and eyes wide open, whereas Governor Christy’s public statements leave us scratching our heads and wondering who is influencing him behind the scenes – his remarks on the topic are both pathetic and unstudied.

Carbon Footprint Bottom-line On This Episode – Hearing both sides of the discussion is healthy and will surely solidify any commitment to a greener lifestyle the same point as Green Blizzard promotes, we cannot sit back and wait for our governments to solely resolve this issue, individuals have to do their part too with greener, smaller carbon footprint everyday consumer decisions. Governor Inslee, when asked by Olivia Munn why he focused on running for the State House and not the U.S. Congress summed it up, says that the U.S. Congress is “Glaciated” on climate change. Right on the bulls-eye in our opinion.

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