Years of Living Dangerously – Ice & Brimstone

The Scoop On This Episode While other episodes of the series “Years of Living Dangerously” sends a visual jolt to the viewer – this episode, Years of Living Dangerously Ice & Brimstone, Season 1, Episode 3 is more of a spiritual lightning bolt.

In this episode, Lesley Stahl, from the stalwart show Sixty Minutes, flys to Greenland to witness firsthand the melting glaciers and the quiet intrusions of oil companies salivating at the opportunity to drill offshore. Further south, Ian Somehalder, a popular actor who plays a vampire, travels to the Bible Belt to help a mammoth church pastor’s daughter convince her father that climate change is real and to stop turning a blind eye to the growing issue.

Carbon Footprint Bottom-line On This Episode The Christian right is probably the last large voting block in the U.S. to accept climate change and are singlehandedly dragging down any reasonable progress on addressing the indisputable rise in CO2 in our atmosphere and the clear effects it is having on Nature. It is ironic that a group so focused on living in harmony and doing right by each other is so obstinate on even coming to the table to be enlightened. The insights in this Brimstone episode on this Christian obstinacy are eye-opening and will help you, as a climate change acceptor, to “start” to understand their reluctance. Although it is rift with non-logic, and probably laced with guilt.

Climate change and the rise of everyone’s carbon footprint should neither be a political nor religious issue, but simply a basic instinct to survive, which is one of the underlying points of this episode. Although it is a little painful to watch in certain parts, it is a necessary reference point for a broader understanding of climate change.

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