Years of Living Dangerously: End of the Woods

years of living dangerouslyEvery episode of the Years of Living Dangerously series “Years of Living Dangerously” sends a visual jolt to the viewer – literally!. It’s similar to that long forgotten adolescent finger flick of an older sibling’s finger to your forehead.

In this episode, Years of Living Dangerously – Season 1 Episode 2: End of the Woods brace yourself to see some shocking climate change facts that will prod you with disbelief – but are visually validated.

The episode starts with Harrison Ford globetrotting around Indonesian in a “60 Minutes” fashion to witness the destruction and underlying causes of large-scale burns to clear the way for palm oil plantations. Mr. Ford does a terrific job to expose the government corruption that’s allowing supposedly protected national parkland that is brutally burned and blackened and then planted with an endless sea of palm trees. The wildlife chased out of its natural habit is summarily shot by poachers and the few lucky dozen remaining orangutans that do survive are barbarically caged in holding bins – waiting for who knows what! All this visual destruction and CO2 and despair simply so that we can enjoy palm oil in our packaged ice cream treats and our almost–petrified, highly process, salty snacks.

You will be shocked to learn that the climate impact of Indonesia’s burning of its forest emits about as much CO2 as all the world’s transportation emissions every year – all for the sake of palm oil!

While Harrison Ford is exposing this world injustice another star Arnold Schwarzenegger is embedded with elite forest firefighters in the U.S. West to understand the perils of forest fire fighting and the reason behind the ever increasing and more intense and large-scale forest fires. You will be shocked to learn that the U.S. spends more than a billion dollars on resources to fight forest fires every year and oftentimes that’s not enough? Image what a billion dollars spent on sustainable power could do instead.

It’s all a closely linked, discouraging downward spiral. Every year the earth gets warmer, the forest becomes dry during the increasingly longer fire season and these longer, dryer conditions encourage evern larger, large-scale destruction.

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