Years Of Living Dangerously Series

Years of Living DangerouslyNational Geographic just released the entire first season of Years Of Living Dangerously – an eye-opening close examination of the indisputably clear evidence behind climate change around the globe and horrors of its impact on our civilization.

Green Blizzard highly recommends this series, The series insights and visualizations will stay with you for quite some time and deepen your resolve to do your part to mitigate climate change. All we can do at this point is to clearly recognize the problem, its source, and individually chip away at mitigating the impact of our lives by making smarter environmental lifestyle and everyday consumption choices.

The Scoop On This Episode In the first episode, Harrison Ford investigates the effects of Indonesia’s palm oil industry. Trust us, your consumption of palm oil will never be the same. Meanwhile, Don Cheadle visits a Texan town that has been economically devastated by drought. And more shockingly, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Thomas Friedman examines the role of climate change in Syria’s volatile state.

Check out this first episode, you will be happy that you did. And be sure to see our review of the other episodes in this first season.

End of the Woods – Episode 2
Ice and Brimstone – Episode 3
True Color – Episode 5


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