Knowing Where You Stand On Your Carbon Footprint Is Key!

Living a green lifestyle means minimizing your energy consumption wherever you can, flipping off lights, deploying high-efficiency light bulbs, and transitioning to energy efficient appliances and entertainment.

Katharine Hamnett  -

Katharine Hamnett –

Knowing where you stand on changing the size of your carbon footprint is essential. Otherwise, it is difficult to know if you are really reducing your carbon footprint. Everyone needs a benchmark and periodic progress report on how things are progressing toward the goal of emitting less CO2 into the Earth’s tender and thin atmosphere.

After all, keep in mind that it takes many, many years for Mother Nature to scrub out the CO2 you emit every day. Although we cannot see it, the CO2 emissions are not quickly wiped clean and linger and mix with the CO2 emitted by the other 7 billion global citizens.

Many utility companies nowadays have come out with well-designed, robust, and insightful online dashboards for customers to see how they’re doing on a monthly basis, month by month comparison, even year over year comparisons. Charts galore!

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The offices here at Green Blizzard naturally had to lead by example and years ago we switched out those antique holdovers – those incandescent bulbs first for CFLs and more recently with LEDs.

Our electric usage and bill dropped dramatically. It was fun to track. After that investment, we have been fine tuning usage habits and continually squeeze more and more from our usage and checking into our utility dashboard to see how we’re doing. Surprising, we’re making a conscious effort to use more sunlight at our work stations.

Once a month, we check our utility account and hey, we’re earning several smiling emojis every month!

Energy Dashboard
The point here is not to applaud our conservation efforts, but to make you aware that they are impressive online tools at your disposal nowadays from your local utility to mark your progress and lay out a strategy to further shave down your carbon footprint associated with utilities.

Go online and visit your utilities online dashboard to see what carbon footprint reducing tools can help you measure your CO2 diet and reduce your CO2 waistline.


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