Clean Coal: A Pure Fantasy

It is no surprise that still today many major cities around the world have horrific air quality.

History tends to repeat itself in this area, as every generation has a different heat and energy source.

Coal was the culprit in the 19th century. But when it became so deadly apparent that coal exhaust was literally responsible for poor health and untold numbers of premature deaths the British government finally forced its citizens and businesses to switch to cleaner fuel alternatives.

As always, there was lots of kicking and screaming and doomsday proclamations, and dire economic forecast, and threats of bankruptcies. But somehow civilization not only survived the transition but even flourished with a better quality of life.

Don’t be fooled, there is absolutely NOTHING clean about coal as this video dramatically demonstrates.


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Keith Blizzard

A life-long environmentalist, Keith set out on the never ending journey of adjusting his lifestyle to a more sustainable one, with a goal of annually shrinking his carbon footprint. When he looked around for a dependable source of meaningful carbon footprint reduction ideas, it was pretty lame - so he launched Green Blizzard loaded with eco-friendly lifestyle tweaks. When he's not managing Green Blizzard, you'll find him on the trails around Mid Coast Maine with his trusty trail companion mutt, Moose.