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It may come as a surprise, but all-electric cars are quietly and quickly spreading around the globe. There’s probably one parked on your street or in your parking garage. The most recent global count (as of mid 2016) is closing in on a million of these energy efficient, quiet, non-CO2 belching vehicles.

Once you notice one, you’ll start noticing them all over the place – quietly purring in the next lan at a stoplight, or unassumingly charging in front of many new charging stations. These cars are no longer odd looking creatures noiselessly navigating our streets, most now have a more head-turning quotient.

Why is this newsworthy? From a CO2 air quality perspective – it’s about doing whatever we can to avoid pumping more of this atmosphere choking, global heat-trapping element into the earth’s already stressed atmosphere. Transportation is the largest or second largest segment of everyone’s footprint.

The average gas combustion car contributes 4.7 metric tons of CO2 to the atmosphere every year and there are hundreds of millions of them. To visualize the amount of CO2 gas from each car just image FIVE cubes of CO2 like this one, measuring 27’ x 27’ x 27’. Each cube of CO2 in the atmosphere takes Mother Nature several decades to fully scrub-out and absorb.

Naturally, all-electric cars completely depend on the battery’s charge which dictates driving range and often times more critically, the infrastructure of charging stations. Plug-in charging stations are quickly being installed everywhere – from simple power cords drapped across driveways; to charging stations installed on private garage walls; to special parking/charging spots in public garages; to an expanding infrastructure of charging stations along our highways and city streets. Lately, these charging stations are starting to pop-up at convenience stores and gas stations. As of this Oct 1 2016, online sources report 14,444 charging stations and 36,000 charging outlets. (US Dept of Energy)

Electric cars, in many of the larger auto markets such as the U.S., China, and Germany, the market share is just under 1%, but in some northern European countries electric vehicles are everywhere and have impressive new car market shares: Norway (22%), Netherlands (10%) and Sweden (3%). Each new vehicle, in its own way, is contributing significantly less CO2 for Mother Earth to scrub from the atmosphere over the next few decades.

Progressive manufacturers such as Tesla have been a key catalyst for the emergence of electric vehicles and its hard-charging founder was partially driven to prove the nah-saying large car manufacturers wrong with their reluctance to whole-heartedly enter the all-electric marketplace. Almost every car manufacturer now either currently offers or will shortly offer an all-electric car. It is currently reported that there are about 50 electric models on the global marketing place.

But with a little prodding from environments and proving the skeptics wrong, nowadays, every major car manufacturer has either expanded their car portfolio with new models; or made some noteworthy improvements to their existing electric models; or recently announced bigger plans to grow their marketshare in the electric vehicle segment.

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To keep it in perspective, all-electric cars are still pretty much a niche, be it looks like in the next few years will be a mainstream popular choice pushing aside the gas-guzzling, CO2 emitting combustion engines. All electric cars — are clearly here to stay and are no longer simply a curiosity – despite the daydreams of all those uninformed, non-environmentalist who refuse to accept progress as they speed away behind their combustion engines.

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