Mother’s Day Garden Gifts

Are you looking for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for a mom that likes to garden?

Green Blizzard surveyed the Moms on our staff who like to garden – real life garden experts – and compiled this list of Top 10 Gift Ideas For Your Special Gardener.  Any one of these will make any novice or expert organic gardener happy and each was carefully vetted to enhance any gardeners productivity and in the long term reduce their carbon footprint.

GardeningGardening is one of the best activity or hobby towards reducing your carbon emissions.   Gardeners who grow fruits or vegetables, no matter how pathetic the yield, shrink their carbon footprint by sourcing locally and avoiding transportation-related carbon emissions getting what they would have consumed to market and diverting their activities to a less carbon intensive past time.  If you grow it yourself, its less likely to go to waste (a third of all food is wasted) Plus gardening makes you more aware of other aspects of nature.

Women Watering Plants

Soaker Hose –  First and foremost, your plants will need a steady supply of gently applied water. And one of the best ways to deliver this key ingredient is through a soaker hose. A few of the best soaker hoses and why you need them.

Rain Barrow –  Steady, natural untreated water is an essential resource for any successful garden. So a rain barrel, with a soaker hose attached will enhance yield and help alleviate a daily chore.  Select a reasonably large capacity barrel, one that can be disconnected, drained and stored in the winter months.

Rain Urn

and stored away in the colder months.  A few of the more popular options are Good Ideas Rain Wizard or the fashionable Good Ideas Water Urn.


Watering Wand –   A watering can is useful for distributing all that collected rain barrel water, but if a garden hose is needed to really do the frequent watering, then a wand attachment allows any environmentally conscious gardener to best direct the water where its needed, right at the plants roots.  These 36″ hose extensions save the back and time.  We have been using the Orbit wand  Orbit Wandand a close friend uses the Orbit Rotating Head model.  Both will provide decades of enhanced yield to any garden.

Terra Cotta Pots –  Skip the plastic and opt for pots made from a renewable resource, clay.  Any gardener needs a wide selection of large pots to grab and use early in the season.  Because of shipping costs and the fragile nature of these pots, its best to pick up an assortment at your local organic garden store. Be sure to purchase a few of the 8″, 10″ 12″ and even

Terracotta Pot

14″ pots – start with somewhere between 6-12 assorted sized pots.  Here a link to the type of Terra Cotta pot being suggested.

Wheel-barrow – Gardening is a physical activity – lots of lifting and elbow grease.   Oftentimes, gardeners will regularly workout, so that they can garden.  A versatile and durable wheel barrow is the cornerstone to any garden tool corner.  Probably the most important tool in the entire lot.  In this case, for any serious gardener its advantageous to over-buy and select the more heavy-duty, durable, better built models.  Plants and garden supplies are hefty.

A very popular heavy duty four wheel version, Gorilla, is the heavy pickup truck of wheelbarrows.  It will help avoid back strain and can maneuver across all types of terrain.

Gorilla Wheelbarrow

Or, an everyday workhorse is a strong poly version made by Marathon.  For any budding green gardener, a wheel-barrel is worth its weight in gold.


Compost Bin – If you are an urban dweller, composting is best divided into parts.  Open bin composting for plant cutting and enclosed composting tumbler for kitchen waste.  We experimented with combining the kitchen waste with the lawn

Compost bincutting and simple  provide a smorgasbord for the local rodents.  Bulk cuttings can be composted in a simple round bin and turned with a garden fork every few months.  It does not need to be fancy, simply durable with air holes.  Here’s a simple version of a Compost Bin

Compost Tumbler – If you really want to speed up the process, try an enclosed bin.  Surprisingly, there is a little bit more Compost Tumblerthe composting then meets the eye.  Read up on it first – here are a few how to compost books:

Cold Frames – Essential for any gardener to save and winterize their plants and economize on costs.  The money saved through a few winters of saving those perennials while enjoying those herbs and healthy leafy vegetable year round.  Two

Coldframeof our favorites are the roomy Juwel Oversized Cold Frame and the smaller,versatile, Advantek Greenhouse.

Water Timer –  A simple straight-forward timer is best.  No one really wants to learn and remember how to program an complex, multi-day device.  Attach it to a soaker hose and that special gardener will be forever thankful.

Plant Netting –  Bugs, deers, rodents, birds,  all sorts of wildlife do their best to undermine any gardener’s perfect plan.   NettingBuy a roll of bug netting and it can be reused for years to come and negate the need for any chemical interference.

Aerator – If you have any lawn around your gardens, a foot aerator is critical because all the foot traffic will compress the soil in which the grass is trying to flourish.   We’ve been using a two prong aerator now  for several years at the AeratorGreenBlizzard HQ and are amazed at how healthy the grass looks without any fertilizer and or watering.   The other nearby lawns are parched and brown in the warmer months, whereas our’s is green and vibrant looking.   These foot aerators keep the soil loose, so the root system can grow to a healthy depth and better weather harsh conditions.  It’s an investment that will quickly pay for itself.   There’s a four prong aerator version and a roller version for larger lawns.

Looking for some gift ideas for your favorite handyman or handy women?  Check out Green Blizzard’s Top 10 Ideas For A Green Handyman. If you provide them with the proper tools,  they’ll reduce both your’s and their carbon footprint.


About the author

Eda North

Eda recently joined the Green Blizzard writing team and is our expert about how not to unknowingly expand your carbon footprint while gardening. With today's manicured lawn, dyed mulch, and highly fertilized gardens, our steams and waterways are choking with nitrogen and other chemical runoffs.