Using a leaf blower for 30 minutes is worse than driving a pickup truck across the country

Running a leaf blower with a two-stroke engine for just 30 minutes creates as much air pollution as driving a Ford pickup truck nearly 4,000 miles. The Atlantic – Jan 2016

So just blowing your leaves or dusting off the driveway and sidewalks and making the lawn look picture perfect quickly equates to driving a large pickup truck (the most popular in America) from the U.S. East Coast, across the great plains, across the Rocky Mountains, and to the West Coast. So next time, grab the rake or broom.

The Atlantic goes on to report that cities in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines have been banning two-stroke engines as being too dirty and polluting. Yet, in some parts of the world, this lazy man’s harmful lawn helper is still growing in popularity. Varoom, varoom there goes our clean air.

Time to get smart and start considering the impact to our health and our environment.


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