AGA Cooking Tips

Aga_gc3Our friends at Fuel Fighter, brought to our attention a prespective and infograph about AGA cooking tips. As a U.S. based organization, were not familiar with AGA cookers here in Washington DC, and we thought you too may not be familiar with these heavy cast iron stoves (AGA) that used properly can cook mouth watering regional specialities.

The AGA is a great feature in any home. It provides food, warmth and looks great in the kitchen. It’s been used in homes across Britain since its introduction in 1929 and many avid supporters say that it’s the AGA that makes a house a home. We’re not taking a viewpoint just yet on the pros and cons of a AGA, but if you have one – use it and use it well.

According to the experts at Fuel Fighter, AGA’s baking oven cooks food evenly from every direction. The boiling plate retains all the foods natural flavour, colour and nutrients. The simmering plate gently heats food for perfect tenderness and the simmering oven is perfect for slow cooking.

Unfortunately, some criticize its energy efficiency, but many own one and fallen in love with an AGA, but don’t know how to utilize it to its greatest potential.

So Fuel Fighter developed several classic British recipes for AGA cooks to perfectly prepare tender, juicy, and mouth-watering meals. Regional specialties that you’ll want to try from the quintessential British fry-up and steak and ale pie to the perfect scone or regal Victoria sponge cake. Savor these with your friends or simply treat yourself after a hard day at work.

Aren’t you glad you bought an oil fired AGA? by Fuel Fighter.


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