Long-haul trucks contribute 20% of transportation greenhouse gases

Long-haul trucks make up only 5 percent of the vehicles on the road, but they account for 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions and fuel use in the U.S. transportation sector, which is the country’s second-largest source of emissions behind electricity generation. According to USNews

In the U.S., the Obama administration by executive order (June 2015) implemented a ban to curb truck emissions. According to U.S. News;

“The latest executive action aimed at reining in greenhouse gas emissions and slowing global warming, the Obama administration has proposed new fuel-efficiency and carbon-cutting standards that would slash pollution by large trucks and other vehicles. The new measures were unveiled Friday by the Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and are expected to be finalized next year. They would apply to semis, large pickups, buses and vans – as well as work vehicles like cement mixers and garbage trucks – and would be phased in to cover model year 2021 through 2027 vehicles.”


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