Green Recipes That Emit Zero CO2

Cooking does not always have to involve a microwave, oven, or stove top. There are many recipes that harness either the sun’s rays; take advantage of chemical reactions, or can be made with ice. Here are a few of our favorite green recipes that emit zero CO2.

Sun Tea – Large glass jar, a few teabags, and a sunny spot is all you need. Check out our Sun Tea recipe and understand the CO2 benefits of avoiding using your stove.

Ice Cream – No special equipment needed, just two sealable plastic bags, rock salt, ice and the usual ingredients and a little shaking. Check out another grandmother recipe.

Ceviche – According to Chowhound – “Technically speaking, cooking requires heat, so ceviche, a dish in which raw fish is marinated in citrus juice, isn’t cooked. But it’s not exactly raw, either. Both heat and citric acid are agents of a chemical process called denaturation. In this process, the heat or citric acid changes the proteins in the fish, unraveling the molecules and altering their chemical and physical properties. When fish is bathed in citrus juices, this process of denaturation turns the flesh firm and opaque, as if it had been cooked with heat.” Here’s a recipe that we use.

Brandy Syrup – Check out our grandmother’s recipe for this special treat.

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Eda North

Eda recently joined the Green Blizzard writing team and is our expert about how not to unknowingly expand your carbon footprint while gardening. With today's manicured lawn, dyed mulch, and highly fertilized gardens, our steams and waterways are choking with nitrogen and other chemical runoffs.