Vintage is the New Modern

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January 26 2016

VINTAGE FURNITUREOne of the cliches of sustainability is reuse, reduce, recycle. But honestly, practically every aspect of reducing your carbon footprint includes at least one of these aspects.

From a sustainability perspective, when decorating your personal space, whenever you can reuse or recycle an inherited antique or that recent treasure found at a thrift shop, its a sure way to limit a naturally expanding carbon footprint. Reusing vintage pieces avoids the manufacturing of a new product and all the embodied energy directly related to its production and distribution. Finding vintage furniture across all types of curiosity shops can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Tastefully blending vintage, weather its freshly manufactured or simply dusted off from some forgotten corner can be time-consuming. The Farthing offers a collection of classic vintage to save you a lot of time and miles on your vehicle and that unwanted expansion of your carbon footprint. Their insights and products will bring a unique personality to any decorating project.

Interior Design: Vintage Is The New Modern


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