70% of wine bottles end up in landfills because they’re difficult to recycle.

According to Wine Business Monthly, 70% of wine bottles end up in landfills. Each bottle weights about one pound, solid thick, one use glass.

While there are more than 300 million cases, or 3.6 billion bottles (300 million cases X 12 bottles) of wine sold in the U.S. each year, a majority of these bottles are never reused. An increasing number are recycled – but its still pathetic – just not enough demand for recycled glass. The U.S. EPA estimates 70 percent–end up in landfills. Wineries in California fill some 250 million cases of wine a year (3 billion bottle). Wine bottle production is also a major contributor to a winery’s carbon footprint because of all the embodied energy consumed in manufacturing and distributing wine bottles.

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