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Our research team searched high and low across the internet to compile a comprehensive list of green websites. To no ones surprise, we found close to a 100 thriving, mostly worthwhile – some more than others – sites that primarily focus on green, sustainable living. So where does one start and focus their energies, it can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming. Rest assured, Green Blizzard has done the legwork for you and in a series of articles we’ll highlight the best green news resources, best green-living websites, best green niche websites, and best green inspiration blogs.

The green news sites get all the attention, with millions of page views, and large staffs and budgets. Each has its own spin with a unique focus and fresh perspective on all that’s related to climate change. Topics and reporting styles range from highly professional, to humorous, sarcastic, and tongue-in-cheek entertainment. Some are provocative, thought-provoking, informative with a touch of tree-hugger stubble. While others are well scrubbed, corporate-looking bordering on corporate green wash.

The options and quality of writing and information is impressive. So in a series of articles we’ll evaluate these 100 sites in natural groups of: green news, parenting, green living, lifestyle, technology, and a few others.

Every major media network covers green issues in some form and fashion and frequency. Just click around any major news site and you’re likely to stumble across an eye-catching article either about the politics of green, an environmental disaster underway, a new green gizmo or fuel efficient car, or a celebrity doing the climate good.

The most popular, widely followed green sites focus on green news. Seems most of us like to read about environmental news and look at the glossy photos of floods, animals in distress, ominous skies, new technology, and finger-wagging politicians. These websites rule the green digital highway.

The Big Seven Green New Sites – By internet standards, these are unmatched and light-years ahead of all others in terms of traffic, Twitter followers, and Face Book likes – Any one of these big green website individually equate to the sum total of all other traffic to the other 90+ green websites. A virtual Goliath vs David. A few of these are so popular that they rank in the top 2000-3000 of global websites, an impressive accomplishment, and have a combined Twitter following of about a million to 5 million Facebook likes. Ironically these numbers pale in comparison to many celebrity and paparazzi sites – but then again, its mostly the intellectually curious who are focusing on our changing environment versus the latest celebrity buzz.

Because of limited resources and small writing staffs, a portion of the daily articles are sourced from major news wires outlets (CBS, NBC, Guardian, Bloomberg, Washington Post….) and are rewritten with a green slant. But if an inquisitive person were to regularly visit these top sites, they’d be certainly well informed about the current green issues buzzing the newswires the week – and a really interesting dinner guest or a newbie at a Green Peace rally.

In full disclosure, if you plan to jump across these sites, be prepared to lose an afternoon or evening. By our estimates, there a EIGHT big green news sites.

motherearth news home pageMother Nature Network (MNN) – The clear leader in the green news space with 170K Twitter followers and 800K FB likes – leader of the pack by miles. Its topics tend to be on the softer, more human side covering health, lifestyle, home, family. But MNN is funded by corporate sponsors and has a sterile corporate feel to it, with its unique and professionally scrubbed articles. Corporate sponsors fund segments of the site and it clearly dampens journalist objectivity. But worth a stopover nonetheless.

treehugger home pageTree Hugger Owned by MNN, its content and voice is clearly at the other end of the spectrum in terms of tone and topics. Tree Hugger shouts with its own brand of irreverent, sassy headlines and a biting wit enjoyed by millions. There’s little apparent overlap with its sister site, but ironically Tree Hugger covers the less personal topics – very un-treehugger-like. Topics lean toward design, technology, science, and transportation. Now, what type of Tree Hugger wants to read about technology? Obviously by the traffic stats, all types.

MNN homepageMother Earth News A quirky hold-out in the modern website world. It reads like the Ben Franklin farmer’s almanac and looks like someone’s hippie back-to-the-lander grandparents designed it 20 years ago and haven’t changed a thing. But somehow it works if you a gardener or homesteader and have a farm-let, or you just happen to be itching to preserve your harvest of plums, build a camper, or rebuild your free-range chicken coop. But don’t be fooled, these guys know how to draw and hold reader’s attention and keep them coming back. An eclectic mix of interesting articles across a list of categories too long to itemize. Worth your time and a few monthly drop-ins.

Grist Home PageGrist – If you need to brush-up on your dinner party conversation starters (or show stoppers) for your next liberally leaning fellow diners, Grist is a must read. It’s many timely, late breaking articles are saturated with biting humor and no facts or figures and are relatively short and light. You’ll be versed in the ironic side of every serious current issue.

ecowatch home pageEcoWatch Plans the role of a spotlight on environmental issues. Covering green living, sustainable business, science, and politics serving many of the same stories covered on the other leading green news sites, but with a more alarmist slant. It’s crown jewel is its stable of “insight” writers, leaders and celebrities contributing articles (Begley, Gore, Ruffalo and others – maybe someday even Blizzard!) giving a celebrity perspective on assorted burning issues and sharing their frustration with the sluggish wheels government and corporate America on advancing the pressing issue of climate change.

clean technica home pageClean TechnicaThe authority on clean technology news, its focus is on electric cars, solar power, wind power, renewable energy, covering new products, manufacturer’s production plans and market response to new carbon reducing products. Its content is really fresh, leading edge, and engaging and you’ll lose track of time for sure. Its reassuring to read that great minds and dollars are actually focused on developing smarter ways to minimize our energy consumption. Clean Technica is one of a kind.

enviro healthnews  home pageEnvironmental Health News A no-nonsense, hard hitting, aggregator of science based articles about everything under the sun… air, water, toxification, biodiversity, climate, oceans, population. If you want to really get smarter on the broad range of climate change issues, be super sure to bookmark this website.

green prophetGreen Prophet With its focus on sustainable news for the Middle East, its refreshing to see that these stories are universal. Essentially the same lineage of news as the leading North Americans green websites but with different cities, faces, and names. Its reassuring that the same issues that perplex readers in other parts of the globe are also troubling some in the Middle East.

These green news sites are clearly the people’s choices, and for good reason – really enlightening, important to future generations. Bookmark and drop in once or twice week. When Green Blizzard is pressed and asked, “OK, which green sites should we regularly follow, even if I’m a green novice?”. Well, beyond the obvious first choice of Green Blizzard, we’d recommend this short-list for a well rounded, objective green POV:

    Mother Nature Network
    Environmental Health News
    Clean Technica


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A life-long environmentalist, Keith set out on the never ending journey of adjusting his lifestyle to a more sustainable one, with a goal of annually shrinking his carbon footprint. When he looked around for a dependable source of meaningful carbon footprint reduction ideas, it was pretty lame - so he launched Green Blizzard loaded with eco-friendly lifestyle tweaks. When he's not managing Green Blizzard, you'll find him on the trails around Mid Coast Maine with his trusty trail companion mutt, Moose.