Gift Ideas For Someone Handy

Gift Ideas For Someone HandyBeing handy is both a blessing and a curse. Trust me, I know from experience. The blessing part is that being able to do many things yourself, instead of calling in a service person, saves you time, money, and most importantly, limits one’s expanding carbon footprint.

Being handy is a necessary pre-requisite for chiping-away at your personal carbon footprint. Without it, you’re at the mercy of the carbon-belching service providing marketplace – just imagine all those out-of-tune white service vans buzzing around your roadway.

As a friend or relative to a handy person, a thoughtful, practical, and useful tool can turn into the gift over a lifetime. Chances are that a useful tools or appliance will be used over and over again, minimizing the need to cart in a professional.

There is the ageless adage of the right tool for the right job.  Approaching a fix-it or improve-it challenge with the wrong tools can quickly make matters worse and necessitate calling in a professional.

These gifts for a green handyman will help your handy-person reduce their carbon footprint but extending the life of many things in the home,  or making those home appliances run efficiently, and most importantly taking a white panel van off the highway, out of that ever-present as the service person snakes his way to and from your home.

Green Blizzard is always looking for new ideas on how our readers can reduce their carbon footprint.  Typically these carbon reduction green living tips revolve around consuming less fuel and energy, monitoring overall consumer consumption, being smarter about consumption decisions, or seeking the longest reasonable usefulness out of a durable good – that’s our rationale for recommending these gifts for a green handyman – no matter what the season or occasion.  Better yet, give one of this gifts as a surprise with no particular reason, other than a thank you.

If you have a green gardener on your hands, check out the Green Blizzard recommendation for that advocation – Practical Gift Ideas For A Gardener.

So, if you are looking for a thoughtful and practical holiday or birthday gift idea for that special fix-it friend or family member, the staff at Green Blizzard suggest these gift ideas for a green handyman.

Gift Ideas For Your Green Handyman Gifts that will keep giving for years, maybe even generations.

Lighting so you can see what your doing before you hammer your thumb. Its helpful to have both a bright area lighting as well as direct focus lights. These two lights together will illuminate any project.

LED Task Light to provide easy on the eyes area lighting Might-D LED Rechargeable Sticklight

Head Lamp  If project involves plumbing, electrical, or disassembly, good light seeing is key.   These new miner type gift ideas for a green handymanLED headbands are invaluable.  Your little handy-person will be singing your praises during every project, or at least its ambitious start!.  Energizer and Petzi make great LED headlamps.

Protective Eye Wear –  Ever wonder why the handy-person is squinting during the project?  Its because they’re concerned that a fragment or droplet of some liquid will plop into their eyes.

Give them a smart gift to make them more comfortable in an uncomfortable situation, lightweight protective eye-wear.  Spend a little more and get the clearer, anti-fog versions from either Dewalt or Pyramex.

Work Gloves – Gloves are critical to any after-the-job recovery.   Its amazing have amateur hands get banged-up and look gift ideas for a green handymanlike they were dragged through a briar-patch.  Gloves with flexibility and grip are best.  Consider either these Custom Leathercraft or CAT products.   Or every hardware stores has a great selection.

Project Tool Tote –  A green handyman will love this carryall – its like airport luggage with wheels.  Most projects typically require a lot of walking back and forth, setting up, cleaning-up, or  fetching another tool or gift ideas for a green handymansomething leave behind.   A tool tote makes sure that the necessary tools are nearby.   For our female handy-women, we recommend, the Komen Tool Tote, or this fit-in-everything Leathercraft tote for the guys.

Cordless Driver/Drill –  These new powerful cordless drills are highly appreciated by both amateurs and professionals- gift ideas for a green handymanby saving time, energy and frustration.  Dewalt has a wide variety of products, but Green Blizzard recommends this particular Dewalt (from personal experience, or this Milwaukee, as well as this Black and Decker.

Pry Bars – These things are surprisingly handy in all sorts for jobs and save a lot of wear and tear on the handy-man.

gift ideas for a green handymanTwo of the more popular pry bars are Bostitch and the Stanley Wonderbar


Wrenches – For the typical handyman, two or three adjustable wrenches will take care of 99% of the project needs.  Forget the extensive socket sets with all the attachments and ideas for a green handyman These are handy if you are undertaking car rebuild, but only a dwindling number of handi-persons are doing that these days – cars are just too complicated and loaded with electronics. For practically every project need, the necessary tool list is short and sweet. A few well-built Adjustable Stanley Wrench  Channelock wrenches will do the trick!


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