Homemade Granite Cleaner

Homemade Granite CleanerWondering about how to safely clean granite countertops in an environmentally-friendly way and with a homemade granite cleaner?

It turns out that a green, homemade granite cleaner is the superior choice for keeping your surface clean and shiny. There are several “granite countertop cleaning” products on the market. However, not only do they contain chemicals, they don’t work any better than a homemade green solution.

Daily Cleaning
For daily cleaning, first wipe away any crumbs and debris. Granite scratches easily, so be sure to use a non-abrasive cloth or sponge. Do not use abrasive pads or the abrasive side of a dish washing sponge. Carefully remove all hard objects, such as silverware and abrasive food particles like bones. Dragging these items across the countertop while cleaning will scratch the surface.

A Natural Cleaning Solution
For our cleaning solution, we will dilute some liquid castile soap with warm water. Castile soap is a vegetable oil based soap that contains no animal fats or chemical additives. Avoid name brand dishwashing soaps, which contain harmful chemicals. Here’s an online purchase option: Dr. Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap

When the surface is free of debris, soak a soft cloth, sponge or microfiber cloth in a liquid castile soap and warm water solution and wipe down the countertop thoroughly. Do not use a razor blade or other sharp tool to scrape off dried, caked on food, like ketchup. Moisten the area and then patiently wipe away the food. Make it a practice to wipe up spills immediately to avoid food drying up and sticking to the surface. Granite is a porous rock and absorbs liquid. Wiping spills immediately will avoid permanent staining. Finally, once the surface is clean, immediately wipe it dry with a clean cloth to avoid moisture being absorbed into the granite.

How to Remove a Stain from Granite
As mentioned, granite absorbs liquid. Even plain water, when absorbed into granite, can result in staining. No matter how vigilant one is, a stain is bound to happen sooner or later. Don’t panic! To treat a water-based stain, use baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. For an oil-based stain, mix the baking soda with water. Spread the paste over the stain and cover it with plastic wrap and tape down all edges. Don’t use duct tape or any other adhesive that could be difficult to remove. Scotch tape should do. Fold in each end of the strip of tape to create a tab to easily remove the tape later. You want to avoid scratching the surface while trying to remove the tape. Leave for two to three days and then remove and wipe clean. To avoid doing more harm cleaning stubborn stains, contact a professional for help. To learn more about granite countertops, visit Pro Granite Counters.

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