Oroeco: A Promising App To Measure Your Carbon Footprint


Oroeco (now AVAILABLE for Download)

The landscape is littered with abandoned carbon footprint calculators and apps, many of which are now rusting on the sidelines, passed over for sexier endeavors. After all, it is challenging to keep eco-friendly living exciting because it can appear to be a never-ending, non-rewarding endeavor.

Our carbon calculator and apps review team concluded that Oroeco is the brightest, most promising carbon calculator app on the market, right now. It is the best to come along in a long time, but honestly the competition is pretty pathetic. Most of the online carbon calculators have been collecting dust and are sadly forgotten and outdated by their sponsors and developers.

But Oroeco’s carbon calculator just might fit into our daily lives and become a habitual green companion that frequently whispers into our ear giving us insights on the environmental impact of every lifestyle choice we make throughout the day. T

Basically, it has the potential to be our Green-Conscious and Green Moral Compass!

The Oroeco app has taken a fun, rewarding, and insightful approach to the sometimes daunting exercise of calculating your footprint and constantly making eco-friendly tweaks.

Starting up is easy. After a short lifestyle personality quiz, it estimates your carbon footprint and graphically compares it to cohorts in your zip. (Full disclosure, my family’s footprint is surprisingly pathetic BTW – I’m still a bit disheartened with its assessment, so I will have to revisit and my initial inputs). That’s really the crux of realizing one’s carbon footprint, it seems to large and unmanageable with few meaningful options to minimize.

Oroeco has a nifty solution for that issue, you can buy carbon offset credits. Yet another example of society’s proclivity to commercialize solutions.

What’s great about Oroeco is that it graphically quantifies the carbon impact of your current lifestyle and compares it to friends, your zip code, your country, even the world!. It then makes suggestions on how to reduce the footprint with positive encouragement and rewards.

Oroeco is worthy of a download and integration into your life. It won’t supplant the need, nor desire to continue regularly reading Green Blizzard, but Oroeco has the promise to be a worthy companion on your carbon footprint reducing quest.

This app, in conjunction with Green Blizzard and some of the leading sustainability news websites; Grist, Mother Nature Network, Tree Hugger, and EcoWatch, you’ll be well armed to continually reduce your carbon footprint.

Some snippets from customer reviews,

“Perfect tool for your carbon footprint”

“…it automatically calculates the carbon footprint of my spending (organized by categories, such as Live, Work, and Eat), compares my footprint with national and local averages (as well to my friends who are also using the app), and gives me tips on how I can reduce my footprint and save money. I can nerd out over data and charts about my spending habits and see where the biggest carbon culprits lie. … most importantly, it helps me take

“Best part is you can compare against multiple different cohorts from your friends to the world at large. Even gives you suggestions for reducing impact.”

“This is a really great app to help you manage your impact to the environment. I never knew that I had such an impact…and that I could take these concrete steps to make measurable changes!”


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