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Ed Begley, Jr, is our type of green guy. As a Hollywood star, he could be riding around in a Hummer, or puttering around in an energy hog, sprawling estate. Instead, he’s the type of guy that takes practical everyday environmental action himself.

Apparently he subscribes to the same mindset as our readers and the hard-working team here at Green Blizzard. Rather than waiting for our government, corporations, and others to take all teh necessary steps to combat climate change and whole-heartedly get on board with this most important pressing issue, he’s taking steps on his own. Step by step, making ever-changing adjustments in his lifestyle to continually minimize and reduce his carbon footprint.

Green Blizzard recognizes Ed Begley, Jr. as The Take Action Yourself Environmentalist Green Hero – November 2015. That’s quite a lengthy label!

One of his many online bios reads on the EcoWatch website as, ” As environmental issues become more pressing, there are two possible responses: forget it and hope that government and corporations will figure it out, or take action yourself. In the “take action yourself” camp, a few individuals are leading the way. One such person in California is Ed Begley, Jr.

Turning up at Hollywood events on his bicycle, Ed has been considered an environmental leader in the Hollywood community for many years. He serves on the boards of The Coalition For Clean Air, The Thoreau Institute and the advisory board of the Union Of Concerned Scientists, among many others.

His work in the environmental community has earned him a number of awards from some of the most prestigious environmental groups in the nation, including the California League of Conservation Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council, The Coalition for Clean Air, Heal the Bay, Santa Monica Baykeeper and the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation. He currently lives near Los Angeles in a self-sufficient home powered by solar energy.”

In this short video, he quickly clicks-off the Top Five easy things you can do to immediately reduce your carbon footprint.

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