Climate Interactive’s Temperature Change Predictions

temperature-change-predictionsClimate Interactive predicts that by 2100 (85 years from now) if all nations delivery on their current emission promises, global temperatures will change between 3.5°C or 6.2°F, with a range of 2.0-4.5C or 3.6-8.2F.

Green Blizzard is all about what YOU, the little guy, can do to reduce your CO2 emissions. There’s a smorgasbord of ideas on ways we can still enjoy a comfortable, stimulating lifestyle while minimizing our carbon footprint.

While we’re all busy doing our little part, folks with sharp minds and organizations with lofty global goals are focused on the broader environmental issues.

One admirable, leading organization is Climate Interactive with an initiative to advance the global discussion and understanding of temperature change. Climate Interactive’s website has all sorts of stimulating videos and widgets explaining the big picture of climate change. We’ll be featuring some from time to time.

Here’s’ a hard-hitting video about how the world’s temperatures will change if its business as usual, business as promised, or the temperature change if somehow a more aggressive, fully necessary plan is actually embraced.

The Climate Scoreboard shows the progress that current national pledges to the UN climate negotiations will make assuming no further action after the end of the country’s pledge period (2025 or 2030).

As background: The Climate Scoreboard uses the C-ROADS climate policy simulation model to analyze the impact of the “Intended Nationally-Determined Contributions (INDCs)—pledges to limit greenhouse gas emissions—to the UN climate negotiations. The Scoreboard analysis above shows the expected impact of the pledges nations have made to date, assuming (1) the pledges are fully implemented, and (2) assuming no further reductions beyond those that have been formally pledged, specifically, actions after the end of the country’s pledge period (2025 or 2030).

Different Scenarios:
1) No change after national contribution pledge period: 3.5°C, 2.0-4.5 or (6.2°F, 3.6-8.2);
2) Plus, pledged reductions continue after pledges end (2025 or 2030): 3.2°C, 1.9-4.3 (5.8°F, 3.4-7.7);
3) Plus, China includes other GHGs and China and India reduce emissions after peak in 2030 at 2%/year: 2.8°C, 1.6-3.8 (5.1°F, 2.9-6.8);
4) Plus, countries without commitment also peak by 2035: 2.4°C, 1.4-3.3 (4.4°F, 2.4-5.9);
5) Plus, all countries peak and then reduce 3.5 – 4% per year: 2.0°C, 1.1-2.7 (3.6°F, 1.9-4.9).


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