The Pope Gives Us Climate Hope

The best news for climate change advocates (like the team here at Green Blizzard) is our newest most outspoken member, Pope Francis. As a world leader of a few hundred million parishioners, his highlighting the need for everyone to do something NOW for the environment should speed-up the slow turning the wheels of progress on this global issue.

Pope Francis is currently touring the U.S. this and the Green Blizzard team joined the tens of thousands on the Ellipse in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday September 23, 2015 to cheer him on as his Pope Mobile did a short lap around the White House. The energy and admiration for him were intoxicating, and none of us are even Catholics! IMG_1459

Pope Francis is a Rock Star at the Green Blizzard offices and our across many of our environmental colleagues. Hopefully, in a few years, he’ll do a victory lap in his Pope Mobile as CO2 levels decline.

Not to sound too preachy, but listen to his words of living more simple. Our complicated, sophisticated lives and all the consumer trappings are really what’s aggravating the climate change problem. Pope Francis is simply encouraging everyone to do more with less and that will reduce our society’s emission of greenhouse gases. Use his encouragement to renew your commitment to shrink your own personal carbon footprint and take a few moments every day and week to peruse Green Blizzard’s collection of carbon reducing green living tips across Green Blizzard.

Reduce your carbon footprint bit by bit, every day. For example, today, our team consumed no gasoline and used public transportation and a little shoe leather. We walked several miles from the Metro stops and back to get to the parade route and cheer him on. BTW, we encountered this friendly polar bear enroute to the Pope parade, who kindly let us pass.


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