Go Modular And Contribute To A Greener Tomorrow.

Go Modular And Contribute To A Greener Tomorrow.In the world we live in today, there is no shortage of threats to our environment, most of which are manmade. A growing, yet still small, percentage of the human race is now starting to realize the error of our ways and is now madly trying to rectify whatever damage it can – if its not too late already!.

All sort of changes are in the works, from manufacturing to construction. More and more heavy, long-term products are now being manufactured conscious of the long-term impact it will have on the environment.

One new example is modular construction, just one or many options for sustainable building. Since construction consumes immeasurable resources and generates a heavy carbon footprint, we looked into why mobile offices are an attractive sustainable solution.

1. Cost Effective
Modular buildings which include mobile offices are a lot more cost effective to build compared to traditional office buildings. They can be completed in 50% of the time, resulting in a significant reduction in overall costs, especially the cost of labor. The Mobile Modular Management Corporation offers modular office complexes on rental making them even more flexible and cost-effective for those who need space for an interim period. The advantage is you can expand during growth or renovation without having to pay for a permanent facility. Today’s designs are attractive, durable, and extremely low maintenance.

2. Resource and Energy Efficient
Each individual unit of a modular structure is built in a controlled factory environment. This ensures that there is no wastage of material resources and that all available resources are used efficiently. Furthermore, modular structures are most often installed with energy efficient glass and other energy efficient systems that prove extremely environment-friendly in the long run.

3. Offsite Construction
The Waste & Resources Action Program reports that off-site manufacturing is capable of reducing waste by almost 90% because of the limited use packaging materials in modular construction. Also, since all the construction is done offsite, there is little need for heavy machinery which leads to a significant reduction in green house gas emissions.

4. Stronger Than Traditional Buildings
It is a common misconception that portable buildings or job site trailers are less sturdy than traditional buildings. On the contrary, mobile offices and other modular structures are specifically built to be able to withstand constant transportation and so they are actually stronger than traditional buildings. This adds to the durability of the structure,significantly increasing its longevity.

5. 100% Recyclable
It should come as no shock that mobile offices are oftentimes 100% recyclable. For one, some designs use recycled or recyclable materials like recycled steel, glass, and wood. Secondly, they are completely reusable and can be transported to different locations depending on project needs. Third, mobile offices can be dismantled down to the last bolt and reassembled again producing zero waste or destruction in the process. The process of reassembling a modular structure is relatively energy efficient, compared to starting from scratch with uncut raw materials, and therefore easy on the environment.

So if you are wondering whether or not to rent that mobile office, I hope reading this article has pushed you over the fence! Go modular and contribute to a greener tomorrow.


About the author

Anne Staley

Anne Staley is an independent environmentalist and volunteers as an environmental social worker. She travels to third world countries looking for opportunities chip in and make it a small patch a better place. Her life motto is to better the lives of others through the sharing environmental knowledge is constantly urging everyone she comes in contact to green their lifestyles.