Light Bulb Controversy: Incandescent vs CFL vs LED

The incandescent light bulb controversy in the U.S. has practically quelled by now, mostly because the politicians and media have moved onto other sensational topics.

But, you may still be wondering, which is better, incandescents, CFL, or LED?

Now that the buzz and backlash to this recently implement energy regulation in the U.S. has dissipated, we should be able to get a fair and unbiased historical perspective and fairer assessment about what it’s all about.

The media sensationalized the news as a ban on incandescents, whereas in truth, it wasn’t an outright ban entirely, but rather a tightening of energy consumption standards. The regulation simply raised the energy efficiently thresholds to levels that the antiquated, outdated, rather poorly designed incandescent couldn’t meet. If it could, it would still be in the club, otherwise, pack your golf clubs!

A couple reasons for the change was so that utilities would not have to crank through so many piles or endless trainloads of CO2 emitting coal, or that new power facilities would not have to be built, nor existing ones expanded just to generate enough power to be wastefully consumed by a lighting fixture designed more than a 100 years ago.

Conservatives and traditionalist were protesting either in the streets, at cocktail parties, or privately which their purchase habits of hoarding as many incandescent bulbs before they were banned from the market shelves. These knuckleheads are now burning through their stash of inexpensive bulbs and paying unnecessarily high electric bills, mostly out of protest and an unwillingness to try something new.

Come on grandma, get with the program. OK, that’s my one little dig.

This is all leading up to a short video, that’s well done and explains the technology and efficiency of the three bulb groups: incandescent, CFL, and LED. All the points made in the video are still valid, except the price of LEDs, which has plummeted over the last few years.

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