Energy Efficient LEDs For Your Dark Closets

Energy Efficient LEDs For Your Dark ClosetsA recent article in the Wall Street Journal, The Fixer The Best Battery-Powered Light To Install in a Closet, caught the eye of the Green Blizzard staff and we wanted to share its insights and build upon them.

Because this news will both improve your lifestyle and help you avoid undertaking costly home improvement upgrades that in the process unnecessarily expand a homeowner’s or apartment dweller’s carbon footprint. Achieving the desired results from a home improvement with less energy consumption is always a key factor in doing everything we can to minimize one’s carbon footprint.

If you live in an apartment, regardless of whether it is old or new, there’s a good chance that the lighting in one of your closets inadequate. After a few months living there, who knows what’s in there! Or what’s long been forgotten. You may find yourself getting dressed in the dark and occasionally selecting the wrong outfit or losing items in dark crevices. Maybe it is time for an energy efficient, low carbon footprint fix.

Home improvements are typically carbon intensive when it is all said and done. First, there’s the planning phase of sorting through lighting improvement options. Trips to the store, traffic congestion, tiring wander-bouts your local big box consumer goods store and even a trip or two to some tucked-away specialty lighting store. Or, hours clicking around the online stores trying to visualize the option in its new home and the delivery exhaust from those large panel trucks getting it to your front door.

If your lighting project is more than a do-it-yourself project, then there’s all the related carbon of bringing in the contractor or electrician to pull and install new lights, the manufacturing and shipping of materials, (with little exception all the way from China) and the energy consumed drilling, pulling, and patching the jobs. Plus your service professional most likely has to drive a long way to work on your job, pick up your supplies, and chug through congested traffic. Using the staff here at Green Blizzard as a sample, our experience it that we tended to over-do-it, over-build, and never really fully utilize the improvement (e.g. we recently installed too many built-in lights – but who knew, it was our best guess)

According to The Fixer at the WSJ, there’s a better solution – an array of wireless LED lights from Mr. Beams. (Full disclosure, this is not a sponsored article, nor do we have any commercial relationship with this business – truly objective) The Mr. Beams LED product light feature high-quality light solutions consuming next to nothing in energy (single digit wattages). With a few quality batteries, customer report that these lights last most of the year, given its built-in auto-on and auto-off functionality. There are both indoor and outdoor options.

Installation is a snap and require no tools. Simply adhered it to the wall or ceiling with the double sided tape provided and then unscrew the casing to replace the batteries every year or so. Opting for this solution will save a lot of carbon (and dust) by avoiding all those pain-staking steps planning and enduring the disruption of a home improvement project.

Less doing, less CO2. And more light for better living and knowing what’s really in your closets and cabinets.

Here are a few of our staff’s picks for quick fixes to dark closets. You’ll be impressed by the growing array of products on the market.


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