Green Technologies Save Home Energy Over The Holidays

Holiday LED lightsAhhh…Christmas, that time of the year associated with getting gifts, cold weather*, lots of food, liquor, lovely lights, visits from friends and relatives, and Santa Claus. While usually considered the happiest time of the year, it is also a time when a lot of energy gets used. Aside from lights, some Christmas village pieces and moving statues of Santa and other Christmas figures consume electricity. Since they are usually switched on for several hours in a day, they will, inevitably, generate a higher electric bill that month.  (*only in countries at the northern side of the world)

Not only that, visits from relatives and the preparation of food also consume a lot of water and gas. So as a whole, the season is a time when lots of electricity, gas, and water are consumed. Merry Christmas, indeed!

The good news, though, is that there are SO MANY WAYS to save energy at home. You can cut down on Christmas lights and other electronic decors. You can also take your family out instead of celebrating at home (just be ready for the heavy traffic jam and tons of snow, though). Although these options are great, these are not good in the long term.

“So what do you propose is a better solution, then?”  you might ask.

Green technologies for home use, of course! An upfront investment now will shortly pay for itself and save you considerable sums over the product’s lifetime

The Best Green Technologies to Have in Your Home …..

Energy Efficient Lights
These refer to compact fluorescent lights (CFL), light emitting diode (LED) bulbs, or energy efficient Christmas lights (yes, they can be found on store shelves). These make use of up to 80% less electricity, allowing you to pay less for electrical power. Combined with the use of solar panels, you may even end up paying the utility company just a surprisingly little amount!

Smart Power Strips
Have you ever heard of the term ‘vampire power?’ No, it does not have to do with sucking blood, superhuman strength, and converting other people into vampires. It actually has to do with the power that different appliances get as long as they remain plugged (even on standby mode). If you have ever wondered why you still had to pay a high sum of money even if you have switched off most of your appliances, this is the phenomenon behind it.

One way to solve this problem is by unplugging appliances that will no longer be used. But this practice can waste a lot of time.

Smart power strips are so popular today that they can be found in just about any electronics store. Have you seen those rectangular-shaped extension cords with at least four sockets and a switch? Those are smart power strips, and you can plug all your appliances on them so that you can switch them off and unplug all of them at once. No more trips to the different sockets in your home!

Smart/Programmable Thermostat
Do you find it hard to remember to turn the temperature down during bedtime or bump up the temperature before leaving for work? Then this device is just the perfect one for you. Smart thermostats automatically control your HVAC so that you no longer need to. This characteristic allows you to save on cooling and heating costs without sacrificing convenience.

There are many different kinds of programmable thermostat, yet all of them work in the same manner. You push a few buttons to inform the system of the time the temperature should be adjusted, and then it will function appropriately.

Installing programmable thermostats is simple and will depend on the kind of wiring that you have right now. Battery-powered thermostats are simple to install if the thermostat that you have as of the moment has a couple of wires feeding to it. If your thermostat has three wires, you need to hire an electrician to install it for you. You can hire skilled and licensed electricians in Australia through ACE Sydney Electricians.ACE-logo(new)

These are the green technologies that you can incorporate in your home during the Holidays so that you save money while enjoying the fun of the season. Just make sure that they are properly set up for you by a skilled electrician or plumber so that you can fully enjoy their benefits.

Tankless Water Heaters
This is another kind of water heater that you can have in your home. Although it runs on electricity and gas, you can save on the costs of these resources as they only run when you need hot water immediately. One drawback to having these kinds of water heaters set up at home is that only a limited number of plumbing fixtures can use hot water simultaneously.

Solar Panels
These devices have come a very long way since they were first created in the 70’s.  Newer solar panels are more efficient and can capture more sunlight. In addition, some models are even made to look so beautiful!

Solar panelsGetting your own solar panels for home use requires you to first order them through reliable manufacturers or vendors. Once you have made the order, professional installers will then visit your home and set them up on your roof or any surface of your home that is completely exposed to the sun during the daytime.

Solar panels power the different appliances of your home by absorbing the light coming from the sun and converting it into electrical energy. One solar panel is usually not enough to power every electronic device at home, so if you are planning to get your Christmas lights and village pieces powered by the sun, you will need a good number of panels. Just make sure to constantly wipe the snow off them so they continue absorbing and converting sunlight for you. (*Does not apply to countries in the Equatorial Region or Southern Hemisphere)

Solar Hot Water Heaters
The common water heaters that you find in the market require electricity or natural gas to make the water in your home hot enough to be used for a wide range of purposes. Each time it is used, much energy and money end up spent.

A solar hot water heater, on the other hand, makes use of either the heat or light of the sun instead of natural gas and electricity. Any water heater remains in an insulated tank until these are ready for use in your home. Keep in mind that although they can cost you a good sum, using them allows you to save up to 80% on your water heating bills.

Isabel Treacy writes for Green Blizzard from her office in Sydney, Australia.


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