How Much Energy Does Your Mobile Consume

Forbes had an interesting perspective on power consumption of everyday devices.

Ever wonder with all the buzz about energy consumption, how much energy does a mobile phone consume?

Ever feel guilty and juicing it from some outlet in a public facility? Read on, and never worry again.

Quit feeling sorry for your consumptive ways. Some of the newest, highly used, devices are incredibly energy efficient. Most other everyday devices are shockingly high. Bottom-line: Use your mobile phone as much as possible and ditch the high-end electronics like large TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines.

Our take away, freely use your mobile devices as much as possible to avoid paper and other electronic channels for getting the same information.

Best top two ideas to reduce your carbon footprint, immediately unscrew and toss-out any remaining incandescent bulbs in your apartment or home (come on, right now!), and start washing your clothes in cold water.

GadgetAnnual kWhElectricity Costs/YearAssumptions
iPad12$1.50Fully drain battery and re-charge every day
iPhone2$0.25Fully drain battery and re-charge every day
Laptop72$8.8 Hours Day
Plasma Large Screen360$455 hours use per day
LCD Large Screen40$5650-56” inch screen, 5 hours/day
Xbox320$40Game console only – Monitor extra
60 Watt Incandescent220$2610 hours day
LED (60 watt equivalent)37$4.4010 hours day
Desktop Computer300$368 Hours Day
Washer and Dryer$200For a typical family about 50 cents/load
Water Heater$600Washing in cold water can save $150/year
Microwave Oven87$10Twice a day for five minutes
Toaster4$55 minutes/day
Refrigerator350$42Built after 2001


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