Green World Rising – Video Review

green world rising copyGreen World Rising offers a series of thought-provoking videos about carbon and climate change. Climate change is a complex, global issue and like all complex issues, it will take a combination of solutions to begin to address the problem and make some headway.

Here at Green Blizzard we promote a straight-forward every person, everyday solution on how global consumers can chip away at their personal CO2 footprints with every little consumer and lifestyle choice we make – every hour, every day. Our decisions never stop emitting CO2, all we can do it minimize the collective impact of our decisions.

Green World Rising suggests that climate change and CO2 emissions can be approached at either the community or regional level, but given its far-reaching lethal impact, it should preferably be addressed on a national and coordinated global basis. U.S cities like Boulder Colorado have taken leadership steps in this direction, along with forward-thinking countries such as Norway, UK, Ireland, and Costa Rica. But sadly, Washington D.C. has been quietly on the sidelines with its head in the sand.

We’ve all seen videos and snippets about carbon and climate change, but take a few moments and watch this green world rising – you will be even more committed to doing your part to mitigate this global issue. Be sure to share it with others.

Carbon is narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and presented by Thom Hartmann. Your passion for green living will become even stronger after watching this six-minute video.


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