Electronics And A Green Lifestyle

Green Blizzard strives to give the everyday earth-conscious consumer insights into their true global impact. Consumer insights have been influenced by greenwashing every aspect of our lives. Many people think they are green just because they recycle their bottled water and soda bottles. Others consider themselves green because they occasionally flick off an ancient incandescent or bought a token LED.
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According to the survey and graphic below, 91% of the world’s population has a mobile phone. Hard to believe when it reported that 25% of the world population is without electricity. But assuming this 91% is accurate, cell phones have their own set of pros/cons from an environmental perspective. The major issue with these sophisticated electronics is a number of rare earth materials are used and the energy involved in mining the materials and manufacturing the electronics and the phone itself. Given the phone’s incredible usefulness in modern times, the bottom line is to optimize and EXTEND the devices useful life to get the most out of its impact on the environment.

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Moose Mosely

Moose, (yes, that's his everyday name - at least as far as we know), writes about all sorts of green living insights. Every minute, every decision we make in our lives has some impact to our personal carbon footprint, and Moose is there to share some insights on its impact and relevance and suggests healthier alternatives.