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One of the biggest challenges about being green and always trying to green your lifestyle is keep tracking of this overwhelming mound of green insights. Information about how to be green is coming in from all directions.

Some of it is factual and relevant to the everyday person, (especially when its from Green Blizzard!)   Plus there are hundreds of ways to always be greening your lifestyle anywhere across the mind-boggling number of personal consumption, comfort and entertainment options presented to you every hour, every minute of the day.

Today’s smart phones offer some useful green living help – handy green apps. Green Blizzard has been scanning the extensive selection of iPhone apps to give you candid assessments of the useful and practicality of these green claiming iPhone apps.  We’ve already reviewed a few dozen (check-out the Green Apps menu option)

To keep it all straight and have it readily handy, Green Blizzard suggests that you dedicate an entire phone screen page on your phone to just your Green Apps.

Given the rapid pace of change, (about 25,000 apps are being added every month) so… at the moment we consider this handful of apps listed below to be some of the best, most relevant green apps.  Download these and familiarize yourself with this start kit, so that they are readily accessible when you making that green living decision.

Wondering what are the best green iPhone apps out there?

Our Starter Kit suggestions will help you mitigate your carbon footprint with better diet selections, ….

Fish Choices  Quite simply, our oceans are in real trouble. Oceans absorbed most of the world’s CO2 which is leading to the water’s acidification. This coupled with over-fishing has really unhinged the delicate balance of the oceans.  Many fish species have been overfished and are unable to rebound unless we as consumers turn our purchasing focus away to more plentiful varieties. Collectively, we can impact market demand by being smarter and better informed about our fish choices. As a consumer, with smarter choices and boycotting diminished fish stocks, we can suppress demand and encourage fisherman to focus on supplying other types of fish.  Best of the fish guide lot.

seafoodSeafood Watch – Sustainable Fish Guide – Most relevant to U.S. residents because it’s in our jargon.  This app recommends ocean-friendly choices when you dine or purchase fish.  A new feature allows you to add names of restaurants and markets that offer sustainable fish, or see what others have found nearby – basically a microcosm of market power and demand.


Fruit and Veggie Choices

Dirty Dozen –  Concerned about pesticide residue on your fruits and veggies?  Then this is a handy apt to have along whenever you shop.  You will never look the same way at the best looking, photogenic fruits and vegetables the same way again.


Transportation Alternative

Zip Car

Even more important to your green lifestyle and carbon footprint is your mode of transportation.   We are such a car oriented society, so the more you avoid dedicated fuel consumption hauling your butt around, the better off we will all be in the long run. Sign up for Zip Car and find a car parked a few blocks away when you really need your own wheels.  Otherwise, walk, bike, or jump on mass transit. zipcar

Subway Maps

Every major subway system has a collection of apps to help you get around, there are even a few that have many of the major systems bundled into one app.   We found that Trip Wolf (clever creative name)



Paper Products

And last, but not least of our starter kit suggestion is Paper Karma.  Unwanted junk mail pouring through your mail slot?   Just take a picture of it to stop it.   Don’t ask, if it works.

Just be happy with the result, and knowing that your mail flow is a little greener with less tonnage being hauled to your mailbox by the postal carrier, and less unwanted paper being hauled away to be burned or repurposed.

paper karma


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Moose, (yes, that's his everyday name - at least as far as we know), writes about all sorts of green living insights. Every minute, every decision we make in our lives has some impact to our personal carbon footprint, and Moose is there to share some insights on its impact and relevance and suggests healthier alternatives.