Green Your Lifestyle In May

Smokestack and CloudsSeems unfathomable that our modern conveniences – our cars, toasters, discharged plastics, drycleaning – are mucking up Mother Nature’s finely balanced gears.

At some faraway electric power plant, invisible greenhouse gasses are being emitted into the atmosphere every time a light switch is flipped on or toaster is used. Fossil fuels are being burned and greenhouse gasses emitted to transport bottled water from faraway places or every time we press down on the gas peddle,

Being conscious of the repercussions of each consumption decision is key, curbing and conserving lifestyle consumption is the harder, second step.

Two collective climate change studies were recently published that clearly show a worldwide scientific consensus that the impacts are well underway and human causes. Mankind has already mucked up Mother Nature’s gears, it is now just a question of the degree of the future rate of change of this mankind stimulated predicament.

Hopefully, these findings will awaken the intellectually curious and to find a deeper commitment to modify a lifestyle and minimize the size of the monthly carbon footprint. In many parts of the world, May is a mild weather month, a lifestyle transition month, so it naturally provides opportunities to taper habits that generate meaningful amounts of CO2. May is a great month to start, but everyone needs to take a few, meaningful steps each and every month in order to really whittle down the size of our individual carbon footprints.

Five easy steps to take in May to reduce your carbon footprint

1 – If You Have Responsibility For A Lawn…Fire Your Lawn Service – Yes, they’re a roaring cloud of noxious pollution. If you contract with a lawn service, why do they have to come once a week with their fleet of two-cycle riding tractors and an obnoxious gang of edgers and blowers. Does every blade of grass need to be precisely in place? Does you front pathway have to be absolutely cleared of every minuscule particle and blade of grass? These crews swarm the client’s property with men running about on lawnmowers, trimmers and then a team finishing up with blowers. These trimmers and blowers generate as much air pollution as a few dozen big burly trucks running on the highway. All for that trimmed lawn image we’ve been persuaded to treasure.

Leaf Blowers Wreck Havoc On Our Atmosphere

If you live in an apartment – Fire Your Cleaning Crew – Yes, we know some may consider this insane because it is eliminating jobs, but do you really need a carload of merry maid to travel to travel great distances and sit in congested traffic, just to run the vacuum around and dose your toilet with harsh chemicals? Come on! Take 15 minutes and do it yourself and eliminate some passenger miles and highway smog.

2 – Buy two LED bulbs Install these in the most frequently used lights sockets in your home or apartment. If you’re an apartment dweller and are hesitant because you plan to move in the near time, save the old ones and replace them before you move and take your expensive, but environmentally friendly bulbs when you move.

Helpful LED Videos

3 – Phase Out Your Supply of Packaged Cleaning Products – Buy a plastic bucket, large sponge, rubber gloves, and a gallon of white vinegar and a few lemons, That’s practically all you’ll need to clean your place.

Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent

4 – Use Your Microwave To Cook Your Food, Not Your Stove – Why cast off all that extra heat into your kitchen in the summer months, just to have your AC work harder to bring it back down. The microwave warms and cooks food in a concentration, energy-efficient way that most stoves can not match.

5 – Meatless Lunches – Once a week Yes, meat generates an inordinate share of your greenhouse gasses. If you cut your demand for meat, along with millions of others carnivores, the market will adjust. Meat is one of the largest, if many cases, the largest emitter of greenhouse gasses. Beef cows belch methane and their manure wrecks havoc. Plus these animals are not efficient at converting feed into meat protein.

Eat Less Meat To Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Best of all – Run Outdoors Screaming Turn off all the appliances and lights, turn off the AC, and go outside during the daylight and use Mother Nature’s natural light and warmth to work outside or have a little fun.


About the author

Sam Kipling

Sam writes from the Midlands of the U.K. making it more clear on how our European global brethren are so much more advance in their thinking, appreciation, and actions being taken to lessen their personal impact on climate change. We all need to catchup with these fellow global citizens.