Green Hostess Gifts

Green Hostess GiftsLooking for some ideas for a green hostess gift? Next time you are invited to a friend’s house, quickly check out their light bulbs. Yes, their light bulbs.

If your hosts are climate change “insensitive” or just focusing on other matters, there’s a good chance that that their light bulbs are really ancient, you know, probably incandescents, those bulbs that were first introduced 125 years ago. So old, they’re practically museum pieces and should be on display with newer inventions like the Model T (1908)!

In terms of either house warming present, host/hostess gift, or even a thank you for letting me stay here gift, consider something that keeps on giving. Be revolutionary in your thank you gift giving.

Rather than bring a bottle of wine, a six-pack of craft beer, or some knick-knack that will eventually collect dust on some forgotten shelf and end up in the donation box – give both your friend and the earth a green present.

Consider either one of these “bright” green hostess gifts:

Green Host or Hostess Gift Ideas

Give a few LED light bulbs to move them into a greener lifestyle. Buy your hostess either a 65-watt equivalent ceiling flood light ($10-15) or a table lamp bulb ($8-10) both of which run on about 10 watts or less and will save them a $100 plus. Depending on their average daily usage, the payback (if they had bought it) on the upfront outlay for the bulb will be anywhere from 6-24 months. The payback to the environment will be immediate and ever going across the bulbs 20+ year life.

Your recipient may initially look surprised and a bit baffled and may utter that they’ve never gotten a light bulb as a present, but it’s a bright and brilliant idea.

Many consumers have still not yet seriously considered the LEDs, finding them too expensive and are mindlessly waiting to use up their supply of incandescent or CFL bulbs before purchasing an LED.

Persuade your host that they are better off simply tossing those unused and still-in-the-box incandescents unceremoniously into the trash. They’ll save more money and reduce their carbon footprint if they simply never use them in the first place. They’ll definitely find that they like the LED color light and instant full-on better than the CFLs and are better off skipping over any future CFL purchases and simply converting over to LEDs.

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