Ingenious Cargo Carrier For Your Bike

From a carbon footprint and greener living perspective, bicycles offer you a rich alternative to reducing your fossil fuel dependency and amount CO2 that you personally kick out into the environment.

With a steady growth (now almost 60%) of the global population living in urban areas, it’s a sure bet that bicycles will play an even more important role in the daily lives of more people.

Bikes have been adapted to carry us across all types of terrain; streets, trails, beaches, and urban jungles. They’ve been designed and sculpted for all types of purposes; racer, casual weekend jaunts, and daily commutes. Some even have folding features for subway rides or transporting in the trunk or boot of your car.

These days, thousands of bike accessories are available to carry small packages, laptops, papers, even our most precious cargo, our children.

But the one limiting factor of a bike so far has been the inability to comfortably carry bulky cargo. Mainly groceries and cases of beer or other beverages. Have you been looking for an ingenious cargo carrier for your bike?fietsklik bike cargo against brick wall

For some (like me) that’s why we hang onto our two-ton, carbon-belching car. Simply for those weekly trips to a nearby store and hauling unwieldy merchandise back to our caves. A few of the smarter greener living purist have given up their car and hire a Zip car for a few hours for this purpose.

Sure, some ingenious folks have fastened plastic milk crates to their bike’s rear rack with bungee cords or duct tape. Others lug large backpacks brimming with tightly stuffed perishables and pedal home hunched over their handlebars.

Now, a new Dutch company, Fietsklik is bringing to market an ingenious family of products to handle your bulk cargo needs. Leave it up to Dutch cyclists to address this one remaining limitation. Here’s a link to their recent crowd-funding, Kick Starter page.

They call it the Crate and it is designed to pull around a grocery store, stuffed, then easily slipped and locked onto your rear bike rack and gracefully pedaled home. No more wobbly, acrobatic trips home balancing bags from your handlebars our with small sachets spilling over with merchandise.

It’s simply ingenious – you might wonder, why didn’t someone think of this before. Every fraternity house needs one.

It is built upon a universal adapter that fits 95% of rear racks and even the more mechanically challenged can quickly attach it.

Fietsklik is just getting underway and is now running a successful crowdsourcing campaign so finding their products, particularly in the U.S. is still not easy yet, but check into it and put in on your short list to be sure to grab one sooner. This device will definitely take a chunk of your annual carbon emissions and really green your lifestyle while enriching your beverage selection!

Other KEY Accessories to Consider:

Get A Good Basket – Keeping your hands free is critical. There are all sorts of options online and at your local bike shop. Look for either front handle bar detachable baskets that can serve as a shopping basket, or rear wheel collapsible baskets that can hold bulky items. Also, comfortable backpack can be invaluable on errands. These options are popular with our staff:

Get a Good Lock – The new really thick cable combination locks work well. These are flexible and there’s no key to lose. Just set the combo to your birth-date for memory ease. These options are popular with our staff:

And the ultimate, never have to worry about your bike lock…

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