Lights Out Green

If you’re anything like me, as you patter around your house or apartment, you’re thinking lights out! Why in broad daylight has some roommate or family member mindlessly and needlessly left one either a light or practically every light in a naturally well-lighted room? It’s 2pm on a sunny afternoon – for crying out loud!

But, if you are like me, rather than cry out loud, you bite your lip.   Because it’s a fine line between your green living passion and nagging.   It’s easy to get preachy, but you’ll eventually win them over some other way.

Every needless kilowatt hour needlessly feeds coal into some huge furnace far away to generate the electricity.   With every nonessential light buying, your loved one, or non-loved housemate, is feeding the coal burning demand at one of the 600 coal-fired power plants in the U.S. or one of the 2,300 coal-fired power plants worldwide.

Going green with a lights out strategy should not be taken literally, just mitigate what waste you can and build upon it. 

Lighting accounts for 12% of all the energy consumers by the average household in the United States. Reducing usage and preventing waste is a wrist flip or finger roll away.  We’re not suggesting that you start living in the dark or traipsing around in gloomy conditions, just flick off any needless lights and avoid a few nuggets of coal being devoured for no reason.


About the author

Moose Mosely

Moose, (yes, that's his everyday name - at least as far as we know), writes about all sorts of green living insights. Every minute, every decision we make in our lives has some impact to our personal carbon footprint, and Moose is there to share some insights on its impact and relevance and suggests healthier alternatives.