Make It A Green Wedding

Kristy GB pictureGreen Blizzard previously offered green wedding ideas and tips on how to make a wedding more green and sustainable in a series of articles: Green WeddingsGreen Wedding Ideas, and Green Wedding Suggested Online Resources.Make It A Green Wedding

We’d like to expand on those green wedding ideas by offering additional resources for eco-conscious brides-to-be and their fiancés about how to reduce wedding waste and make it a green wedding.  There are many options for decreasing the carbon footprint of your big day, most of which also lower overall expenses – a win-win!

With more and more people becoming aware and concerned with our environment and trying to be more eco-friendly, weddings don’t tend to fit into this way of life. Weddings are usually expensive, use lots of energy and produce a huge amount of waste. What makes weddings even more excessive is the hidden costs that can often take the couple by surprise. Travel, stationary and decorations all contribute to the cost and waste that weddings incur.

The best way to get round these charges that we’re not always aware of is to research thoroughly online before you even start planning the wedding. There are plenty of resources available which point out the hidden costs which come with paying for your wedding.

Couples often don’t take aspects such as invitations into consideration; a way to get round this in an eco-friendly way is the make your own invitations electronically and email them to your guests. This also has other benefits – no invitations getting lost in the mail and they’re completely free!

Another cost which couples often remember, yet underestimate, is the flowers. Get round this by using in-season, local flowers. This can save you money and is more eco-friendly than getting them delivered.

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Kristy McDaniel

A recent Masters of Management Science graduate at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, Kristy writes about how to be green while enjoying your life's milestones - weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Any of these events can expand your carbon footprint so much that it can takes months for your newly expanded carbon footprint to recover. With Kristy's practical, real-life, green living suggestions, you can have a blast and still be green.