Helpful Videos That Demystify LED Light Bulbs

One question frequently submitted to the Green Blizzard writing staff  is what’s the real story about LEDs light bulbs compared to the other light bulb replacement options either in my home or business?LED bulbs

Like most things in life, there’s no quick perfect answer. Our best answer to date is that undoubtedly they’ll SAVE you hundreds of dollars PER BULB, dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, and permanently eliminate any future chore of changing a light bulb.

Pretty strong. There are not too many everyday opportunities out there that can deliver these attractive benefits.

In a nutshell, LEDs are lightyears far and away better than any other lighting option on the market. Ready to give it a whirl and purchase your first LED, save yourself time and order it online for now. Our staff found CREE to be a dependable, good value brand, made in the US. Try this one for starters.

Green Blizzard has previously touched on the topic in previous articles. Get Real and Finally Discard Those Incandescents and Sustainable Living With LED Christmas Lights

But there’s another approach that works better for some who want to green their lifestyles, enlightenment through green videos.  The staff here at Green Blizzard researched the YouTube videos that focused on just the emerging LED lightbulb marketplace and here are the staff’s picks.  

Best For The Layman

  • Skip CFLs, Go Right To LEDs – Click to view
  • Best LEDs in 2012 – Click to view
  • The LED Series by Illustral Lighting – a series of 12 short, deep dive videos (you’ll be an expert after watching the collection) – Click to view

Best For The Gadget Head

  • Wow, Fun, Expensive Remote Controlled LEDs, Just Not Ready For Prime Time – Click to view
  • Extreme Tear Down and Review – Literally a nuts and bolts – Click to view

Best For The History Buff

Start with this one, it is a good primer.


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