Green Tips for Independence Day

Green Tips for Independence DayWe all love Indepedence Day, regardless of our home country, Unfortunately, without a little pre-thought it can take quite a toll on the environment and expand our family’s carbon footprint.

Whether its through fireworks, out-of-control bonfires or flaring barbecues, sometimes we lose sight of being green in the pursuit of celebration.

Green Blizzard would like to offer you a few helpful green tips for Independence Day, making these areas of your party or gathering more eco-friendly!

Here at Green Blizzard, we know it may be extreme to say someone should forgo fireworks altogether.
If you can, all the better!  But if you can’t see your Independence Day without them, why not opt for just a few hand-held sparklers instead of lighting up a sky-high show?  These smaller versions cause much less harm to the environment and still offer excitement for your children, making them a more sustainable and green living choice.

Lighting up the grill can also cause lots of harmful emissions.  If you choose to do so, try using all-natural charcoal for a lower carbon footprint.  You can also include vegetables in your menu, instead of loading the grill with only meat – even better if they’re from your homegrown garden!  This Green Blizzard article explains how decreasing your meat consumption can lower your carbon footprint dramatically.

For the meat that is prepared, try choosing grass-fed beef, which is a much greener eating option  – or better yet forego meat which generates an inordinate amount of CO2 per ounces of produced meat. 

Another one of our green tips for Independence Day is to create many food items, such as pasta salad, by using cold cooking techniques that do not require energy-sucking appliances. The less energy you use to prepare your Independence Day spread, the more environmentally conscious your celebration!

Candle citronella

As one last green tip for Independence Day, try opting for an eco-friendly citronella candle to keep bugs away instead firing up a bonfire or using DEET bugspray. Not only will an eco-friendly citronella candle prevent using trees for firewood, but it will also emit far fewer harmful carcinogens into the air than the bonfire or bugspray alternatives. Choosing to use these types of candles is not only less harmful to the environment, but also to your own human body.

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A recent Masters of Management Science graduate at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, Kristy writes about how to be green while enjoying your life's milestones - weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Any of these events can expand your carbon footprint so much that it can takes months for your newly expanded carbon footprint to recover. With Kristy's practical, real-life, green living suggestions, you can have a blast and still be green.

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