Rain Barrels Will Take A Drop Off Your Footprint

RainBarrellGreen Blizzard is always looking for everyday suggestions to help you slim-down your carbon footprint.

Water conservation is one small way to take a drop out of it. It will not a large chunk, but an important but small layered reduction that will reduce your impact now and for years to come. After all, there is energy spent filtering the water and pumping it to your house.

In a large portion of the world water is already scarce and becoming an increasingly scarce commodity. The growing in popularlity Camden Conference just focused on this worldwide issue with its Global Politics of Food and Water – at which Green Blizzard was a speaker leading up to the conference.   The team here at Green Blizzard is not only concerned about the rising CO2 concentration in our atmosphere but also the global water supplies.

So you may already be well aware of the need to conserve garden water and the benefits. In other parts water is so plentiful that at times it’s troublesome. Nevertheless, any conservation in this regard will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

There are a few dozen videos on YouTube about how to construct your own rain barrel, each with a different approach and budget.  Green Blizzard suggest that you go to You Tube and search on rain barrels to find an approach that suites your handy-person skill, budget, and placement limitation.  There is an endless variety of different ways to build a rain barrel

My preferred rainy day activity is taking an afternoon nap to the soundtrack of nature’s rain drops.  Now with my new rain barrel, I’m also able to sleep better knowing I will be putting some of that glorious rainwater to good use over the next few days.

As residents in Atlanta, my family had a life-event first lesson in water conservation through rain barrels. Georgians all over the state had to deal with stricter watering laws because of low water levels in our main reservoir, Lake Lanier. The situation got so severe that the Governor along with pastors and religious leaders of all varieties held a prayer service for rain!

Though the watering restrictions have eased a bit, we still use our homemade rain barrel for our outdoor watering needs.

For residents in the more arid areas, greener living doesn’t get any easier (and cheaper) than recycling nature’s own resources.

A few important tips about rain barrels you need to know –
– Keep your gutters and downspouts clean from debris
– Protect your downspout from sending debris and leaves to your rain barrel by installing a screen device in your gutter
– Even the tiniest hole, slit, or opening of any kind in your rain barrel, you run the risk of mosquitos breeding in and around your water. Use biological mosquito killers such as Mosquito Dunks to combat this situation.

Green Blizzard’s favorite rain barrels:


Besides the obvious benefit of a shrunken water bill, my plants are blossoming under the rainwater treatment – it is better to water from them and they are happy.

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