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Green Blizzard if full of articles and self-help lists on how to green your lifestyle with less energy intensive lifestyle and consumers choices, but one of the biggest opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint is right around you, your home.  Home energy efficiency means comfort at all times in your home.

After the stressful, complex and costly home-buying process, shouldn’t homeowners be absolutely comfortable throughout their home?

Unfortunately, even though homebuyers will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars over time to live in their home, the house may have drafts, hot or cold rooms, or uneven heating and cooling.  Any of which can render parts of the home “unlivable” at certain times of the year, or even throughout the year.

In fact, according to Home Performance with Energy Star, an EPA program which promotes home energy efficiency and comfort, over 40% of households report at least some winter drafts, and 62% complain of a room that is too warm in the summer.

This is disheartening knowing how hard people work to pay their mortgage and utility bills every month – all the while they can’t live in parts of their home in certain seasons.

For example, in my energy efficiency profession, I met homeowners who have kids that sleep in the cooler basement in the summer because their second floor bedrooms were too hot, even at night, even with central air conditioning.

This home was worth around $800,000, but with these comfort issues, it’s hard to believe!A well design, built and maintained home should not have these types of issues.  Homeowners can rectify these shortcomings with home energy efficiency upgrades.

Sound energy efficiency translates into going green at home with increased comfort and lower energy costs by making a few smart changes.


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